Tuesday, April 28, 2009

superman and surf-skiing

well its been busy ya know!
Before I yabber about that tho, I so went to the op-shop in sunny whangamata today, and got some stuff that I think is fab! All for a bargin too!! YAY me!...I would love to start spending a bit more time looking at non-fabric/clothes items tho, as friends always seem to find great stuff, I think I have to re-adjust my looking and focus a bit better...hmmmm, less kids with me sounds like it would make it easier too!

Anyho, i thought Id share this super cute pic of me wee lad in his pjs, which his dad (clever him) forgot to do up the onesie before is pulled up his pants...VIOLA a very chuffed with himeslf weeny superhero....undies on the top of his tights! Cape is definately coming!

Last weekend we spent some time in Hamilton with some frineds that just happen to have a new boat, which just happened to need a blast around the water, and which just happened to have a surfboard and tow-rope attached, and a sea biscuit convenient I say!! Well the big girls and the small boy and Papas, just happened to all agree that the boat would throw a tanty if it didn't get a run around, so heres what they did........and ya know what?! It was sooo conveinent, as I went shopping! Hahaa, the joy of that was great let me tell you!

On another note, my lovely friend Frithy gets married on the weekend and I have to privilegde of decorating her cake, how cool is that! Pics on that one coming up!

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