Wednesday, May 11, 2011

another new beginning

last week my baby started kindy...not like, super intense kindy, but rather a cruisy 'enrolled- for -3- mornings -but -realistically- turn- up -for -2- if- lucky' kindy.....I didn't blog yet about it as its a bit of a raw spot still. I'm so tempted to lock the doors and never let him outta my site kinda raw spot. He's my baby, my lil hang out buddy, helper and great to let go?? He is pensive, excited, facinated, anxious, thrilled, loves helping his teachers...all in one go. On one hand, he's been a part of the furntiture there for 2 years, firstly in a sling, then as a toddler, now as an official pre-schooler....I should be thrilled for him, after the initial 'you'll be back soon aye mummy' quizz I got from him, he loved his time at kindy....he laughed, he helped his teacher fill up the water troughs, he had story after story, he had his big brother's friend's still at kindy 'look after him'. His sister and brother came to check on him at morning tea (kindy is attached to our little school)....I left him for a whole 1 hour and 20 mins the first day, and then 2 and 1/2 hours the next. I only cried for an hour of the first day and sniffled for 20 mins the next....maybe it'll get easier?? 2 wee lads in the space of 5 days starting new adventures....its a big ask of a Mama's heartstrings....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

happy mother's day

Happy Mother's day to all you lovely mummies out there!

Today I have celebrated my 14th Mother's Day.

My Mama has celebrated her 34th....My grandmother, her 60th.....

That's alot of hugs and kisses given out and had given back too....tears shed, birthday's celebrated, babies adored and growing children cherished.

what a priveledge and the greatest joy ever....!

To my own Mama, you are a huge inspiration to me and a wonderful you to the stars and back. xx