Monday, August 20, 2012

piggy fun

Today I learnt that...pigs jump out of their pens sometimes
pigs run fast
pigs can swerve and squeeze where you think they can't
pigs like to chose the muddiest soggiest places to do the above
I also learnt that ...I can run too
that my girls get dropped off home at the perfect moment, to see a ginger pig streaking thru the secret garden and understand their banshee mother enough to run around behind him to turn him
that girls work together well, even when the said pig charges in terror at one of them
that there is alot of mud in the secret garden, and its slippery and it likes you to fall flat on your face in it
that you CAN run fast on sharp stones when you have to and you don't feel much
that you have a understanding boss, and can call her mid puff/run to cancel a meeting you are supposed to be at
that we have friends with motorbikes that come at a garbled phone call
that running thru the paddocks in a large cirlce 12 times is a bit tiring
that pigs get tired too, and eventually hobble and puff their way in defeat back to their pen
that 'encouraging' a puffed pig thru a small gate, in a dark closed barn is frustrating for all -things WILL get knocked over - glad not to be one of them
that mr granger is truly relieved and grateful for his fresh water and large salad for dinner tonight...que relieved snorting
...and I am grateful that Set can build a higher fence fast
...and for girls who sacrifice their clean shoes and stockings to mud and ALOT of running
...for motobikes and determination
...for electric fences that are turned OFF
...that sloppy mushy mud makes a softer landing than could've been
...and that we got the wee (or not so wee) ratbag back....and for Pippy alerting me that he was out - good dog.
the end