Thursday, October 21, 2010

technical issues

well, its been a while - and its super frustrating! but my hard drive has crashed and is away in harddrive will be a while longer - amazing how you come to rely on instant information, ideas and resources - ARGH! thanks to the local library I can check out everyone once in a while ....sigh - until hardrive is fixed I will be stranded on my informationaless island wondering what the hang everyone is up to...ciao til then x

Monday, October 4, 2010

makin' stuff....

been doing a spot of sewing, the last of my craft-it-round (pics coming) projects, birthday pressies coming up, and altering existing stuff to make it new and interesting - yay! These little numbers are one of the pair of pants for my littlest guy....hes just so darn cute at the mo- we all agree he's fab!...pattern inspired by Dana at MADE....loving her easy to follow tutorials...check her out sometime....these are actually made out of the bottoms of an old pair of jeans of seriously didn't cost a cent ..... um YAY!