Saturday, April 4, 2009

A little sewing

Have I mentioned I love aprons???? And as a odd as it sounds, often wear one around the house to potter and get am starting a collection to suit how I feel. But aside from that I love to make them and made this fabulous (well, to me anyways) apron for my Mama, who celebrated 53 years of life last week....and whom I adore.

I started with the beaautiful duckegg blue print, which is on a rough texted linen (that I LOVE, ike times a million!), and teamed it with a happy red polka dot print....I love the mixed texture/colour/pattern look at he mo, and it was a dream to sew up ....although I've noticed the pocket is a wee wonky, but only noticed after I'd sent it on in a pic of it - grrrr....nevermind, the world is a toopsy turvy kinda place, so it'll fit right in.

My nieces think it looks like a pretty dress hanging in their Arma's pantry....she said its toopretty to use, but I so hope she does, as when its all yuk and dirty we can make another! Yay! - (an aside from that it feels way more glam to mash spuds wearing somehting pretty!!)

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