Sunday, May 3, 2009

Echos of the past....

This weekend we got to be part of a dear friends wedding.....from listening to details, planning things, re-planning things, looking at fabrics, ironing tableclothes, making the cake and helping to decorate, all leading up to Frithy's big day....(so much more to come on this!), it was also was 'dimensional' that I heard and saw things that I remember hearing a seeing as a little girl...watching my Mama getting pretty and dolled up, sniffing with wonder and pride her floaty perfume and admiring the clicking of her heels. To me no one was/is more beautiful than my Ma.

I was heartfelt touched when I saw some of these feelings on my girls faces when we got ready for the wedding.....Nyah always stays close when the face paint comes out, she always fingers my jewelry that I'll be wearing, she ALWAYS sniffs the air when perfume is floating, scenting us all. Even Josaye (who would like us to think she'd rather play ball- but secretly delights in the fuss and ceremnony of being girly), leaned against the doorframe and watched the face paint go on (don't get me wrong I'm no Elle Mcpherson! not even a scarip close!, red lippy and a wrap hide a multitude of ew! but a girls Mama is always a girls Mama huh!)....the girls listened for the clicking heels, they admired the red lippy, and we formed a link in the world of generations in our family, of lovely young ladies watching their Mamas get dressed up (for the first time in FOREVER!)....for me, and being rather fanciful I know; I felt I could almost reach our through time, and touch the fingertips of being little girl watching, and of now having a turn at being the Mama.....perhaps to have the precious privieldge of watching my grandbaby one day watching her Mama - a thought and hope to treasure.


Anonymous said...

're-planning', would that be me changing my mind and being a big pain in the bum!
So glad you and your girls (Josaye included) had a chance to dress up! And my wedding, what a great excuse, huh!!

hanna said...

This is beautiful :o)