Thursday, December 31, 2009

1st January 2010

What the heck!...isn't that amazing, to be writing such a space-age sounding number....I remember as a 13 year old, my best friend and I lying on the ground watching the clouds, coming up with all sorts of outlandish theories, one of them being that we would have flying cars as our mode of transportion in the 2000's. And here we are! No flying car for me, but an age of miraculous mysteries nonetheless.

I am excited for this year, and am looking forward to living it, embracing it and having moments of 'flying' with it. Sometimes it feels like you kinda have to wrestle it to the ground, or chase it to catch up...but mostly life is made for loving it, while living it.
Today we are going to be making some family goals, thinking of 2009 highlights, and starting our 'family grateful jar'....soon, once we sloth some more and get outta `jamas (some stage before lunch)....and am looking forward to lots of beach adventures over the weekend too.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL...may 2010 be a time for spending with those you love, doing what you love, and blessing others too.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas time....

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! - to everyone who joins me in blogland! Thank you to all who leave little comments that encourage and inspire me. I so hope that this holiday season finds you blessed and also a blessing to others....I'm so looking forward to celebrating Christ's birth tomorrow and the reasons why He came.

Bless you dear safe.

Briar xx

Monday, December 21, 2009

our world

we spent some time recently up in Opoutere...its a beautiful beach, wild and not well known. Here are some pics from out time there, NZ nature is stunning.


this year we celebrated Channukah. It is known as the festival of lights...and each night a wee story is told and a candle was sweet and a remembering time. I loved lighting the candles every evening and having a simple family activity together...a lovely way to end the day.

The show's are done!

Micahs Music party Josaye dressed up for friends farewell party

Well, with 4 kids you have a few shows/events/parties to attend at the end of the year!...Josaye had her prizgivng and was place 3rd in her class for music and got a certficate in music for outstanding was pretty pleased with herself! Nyah got her class award for outstanding student, with improvement in all academic areas and she was pretty pleased with herself! And we were pretty pleased FOR them...
Nyah and Micah in the Christmas play : Nyah as a zombie: Nyah in Jazz ballet show
as mentioned in another post we have also had show' are a couple pics of the kids dressed up...and although it looks like a Nyah show, the others were there...Micah was a wonderful sweet shepherd and Jose (to my HUGE surprise) was a bit of a plonker...spending his time on stage moaning how he didn't like being a shepherd and crying into his fathers chest (he is the SHOWBOAT of the family so was very surprised!)...and wouldn't pose for a photo, so hence no pics of that lad! between maons/crying he did look very cute indeed - more shows please for the year!...although both big girls are reading at the Christmas Eve service at the beach...that'll be cool.


this year I was finally organised enough to actually make the advent calender I had been planning ot make for the last 2 years! it really is a bit over-the-top, but I do like it! I have always done the 12 days of Christmas with the kids....everyday has a pocket with an activity and sometimes a treat to. This year our activities have had to incorporate our age ranges, which can be a little have included things like, colouring in competetion, making cookies for the neighbours, Christmas light drive-by, fudge making, Christmas eve service going etc etc...I would have liked it to be a bit more concentrated and over the top fun, but so many other things have had to happen along side it. - sigh, thats life huh!....I think the kids are enjoying the 'daily pocket', so thats cool. I really like the idea of a Christmas village, and Mary-Beth over at Salt and Chocolate has some very inspiring ideas about creating one....always next year!

sneak peak

I sent my pay - it -forward parcels off last week, but thought would share what I made....

using all re-purposed fabrics, I made some wee aprons, 2 with contrasting trims, and one featuring my very loved vintage doily and crochet lace........when perusing the local opshop, my girlfriend found for me a wonderful bok on Strauss and some of his life story....lots was in the wonderful Victoria scripts, old photos, handdrawn scenes of balls and engagements...I was inspired to chaop it up (is that a sin?? book was a bit tatty - tis my excuse)...and made envelopes and stationary with the pictures and paper doilies.....and also made some sweet hanging lavender satchets, with lavender gathered last summer and dried for such thing.

All in all it was a lovley project to be part of. I hope the lovley ladies recieving the parcels like them, and more importantly can use them. xx

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Today, 13 years ago, I said 'I do' to my husband....can't believe where the time has gone, and when being reflective, how jam-packed its been with living it....we have had some real lows - but to offset it, have had lots more highlights!...and its been grand!
So thankyou my lovely man, for your paitence (you need lots for me!), your understanding, compassion, company and humour, and handholding. I would chose to say 'I do' to you again, and again, and again!

Friday, December 4, 2009

costume crazy

its that time of year ay know- the time when its super fun, super crazy, super much-work (new word for you!), super food, super people....and this is all super - but leaves me super tired! -in a none- grumbly kinda way!

With all the goings on I have put my hand up and yelled pick me, to make some of the costumes for the kids various thingys they are involved in, Some have just need tacking up something found, some have need ripping and cutting (of somehting found)....and some need making from scratch....sigh,, I can feel the super enthusiam I had for these tasks dwindling somewhat!....

Nyah, our drama princess, is a chinese narrator, a zombie, a dancer in her jazzz show, and an inn keeper in the Christmas story, we have cut, tacked, scrubbed, make-uped, repainted jazz shoes, plaited, wound and brushed hair till it shone....and we are almot halfway there now!

Our big girl is packing up to go to my parents for 5 sleeps (can't get my head around that yet, as its the LONGEST time ever apart!) has shrugged off the Christmas story part she was to play - and is I think secretly relieved whilst saying shes sad to miss it- uhuh~

Our sweet boys will be sweet shepherds in the Christamas story play, so they ae next on the list of cutting, sewing, measuring scolding to keep still, and having the odd -oh how cute are you- moments....ahhhh, am looking forward to sewing something other than costumes soon I hope!

I am blessed, not grumbly I promise!