Thursday, July 28, 2011



a year ago, I started this wee quilt for my neice.  It was inspired by Amanda Soule's book...where someone draws on the fabric and then it is embroided over...I have made all sorts this way now, but this time I peiced family members drawing together with vintage fabric finds, to make a quilt for one of my sweet neices, commemorating her birth....I bakced it in a soft duckling yellow she can have it over her chair or the end of her big girl bed one day.  I so hope she likes it, as a wee peice of her kiwi extended family is in each of the squares....and I so hope my sister doesn't look too closely at the needle/sewing work - eep!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy birthday Nyah- 11!!

Well now thats a shock to say - hmmmm...especially when its your 2nd kid!  So now we cover the spectrum of stages, with a teenager, a adolencent pre-teen, and new school aged boy, and a preschooler. Just need to add a toddler and a newborn to it! heheee...I can hear hubby saying "Nooooooooooo!" Heheee.

Anyho, we started off her special day with a large pile of kids in our bed (tradition ya know, and lets face it, half of 'em were already there sleeping - ahem), gift opening, hugs and kisses....

We had decide on a Masterchef theme for the party - whichin hindsight was BRILLIANT, as Nyah'sfriends camre over and THEN prepped and cooked lunch - yup BRILLANT!!  So homemade burgers, and wedges it was....and as we had a few people of course each needed a wee initial flag on top.... 

 Mr Man showing off his fine skills cutting tomatoes with an enormous knife!
 Then I set up an oldfashioned Icecream Parlour,,,with treats galore....
and favourite part! a cupcake tree! that Josaye and I decorated the night before...such pretty fun!
Happy birthday to my sweet, loyal, funny, crazy, stationary lovin', cupcake eating rock our world and we adore you. xxxx

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

broken, sigh

seriously these kids of mine! I'm turning grey...grrr.  Another sporting accident...this time Josaye came off second best during soccer....and a very painful wrist break.  So by the time we had an ambulance ride, sucked a whole lotta gas (her not me, although was tempted!), a local doctor visit, needles...and car ride, a hospital wait, lots of pain relief, finally sedation while we held her down to pull the bones into place (seriously should've been a doctor, its so facinating!); a plaster cast, several trips back and forth for xrays (yes we live in a small town and must travel to a big town/city for such things!)...we are now 2 casts along and hopefully only another 4 weeks from getting it off...JOY! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

time = sewing

As its the school holidays, I have a wee bit more time ...HOORAY!!...and although my kiddos are all in varying stages of the 100 day cough (a whooping cough strain)...they are awesome at building forts and such like inside to while away a day or in the upstairs playroom/sewing room, you will find us ALL, holed up in a quiet activity...fort making, reading, drawing and for me sewing!  At last after 4 MONTHS I have finched Micah's quilt coverlet...phew!! it was sweetly simple and of course easy to make...over half the fabric has a sentimental purpose (cut from a dear family  members cast offs)...and some were too delicious to leave in the shops, so of course HAD to come home with me...and viola`! One wee guy has a Mama made quilt only 4 more to go!


We have given her the day off!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

frosty mornings

 we have only had a couple of frosts here this winter so far....I so love the early morning light glittering on the ice crystals...

 he's not overally thrilled tho!
and crunching the grass underfoot when you go and collect the eggs and check the chickens is so satisfying...(or rather you send a kid, 'cos its cold!)
these poor giant pumpkins long to be carved and given a purpose...they told me so...until then they are enjoying the ice clinging to their shiny skins..perhaps this weekend will be a carving weekend?...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

ooooo looky, pretty mail!

A couple weeks ago the sweetest mail arrived, and to my shame, I haven't been able to blog about it ta`da!! Here it is....these arrived from the fabulous Fran, from Frangipani...isn't she the cleaverest?!!...Handbag slippers...I must confess, I was a bit perplexed how such sweet little knit handbags could fit my huge feet...but hey presto! they fit snug-as-glove...and I LOVE THEM, lots!!
Thanks so much Fran - you're knitting is gorgeous, and I hear shes' thinking about stocking them in her shop...check it out!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


about 11 weeks ago we brought 10 lovely brown shaver chickens....18 weeks old. Over the last little while, they have become a big part of our day...watching their funny antics, their 2 legged sprints from here to there, their dirt/dust baths, and personalities emerging. We have added 3 more to the flock, and so far, while they aren't best buds, its working out good. So, now we have around 75 eggs a week! ...thankfully lots of people love sharing with us...eggs have never been consumed so much! I am even looking for reciepes with lots of eggs. ... a blessing for sure, to have these little funny birds!