Sunday, March 28, 2010

my mother

Happy birthday to the woman who has nutured me all my life, who has sheltered me from some of life's storms, held my hand during sorrow, offered me comfort, warmth, chidings and so much love....shared in so many happy times, been a guiding star through childhood, teenagehood, adulthood and motherhood.....has given me courage to face things that seem unfaceable; mopped my brow through childbirth and has loved my children as her own; rejoicing in their milestones and achievements with me.Ma, you shine in your love for us all, you are so appreciated and loved - Happy birthday.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

hot air balloons

we made the wee trek to the Waikato ballon festival this weekend- and are so very glad we did so....was a bit touch and go for a while, (as the dreaded puking bug has been at our house this week) but once decided, we packed up an old fashioned picnic, complete with bacon and egg pie, chocolate marshmallow cake and other treats. - and a surprise phone call from my Aunty from Auckland, saying she would come too - sealed the deal- that was a wonderful treat!

The music and atmosphere was wonderful....and its always so awesome to remember how things seem through kids muich bigger a hot air balloon must seem - how magical it is to watch them inflate, getting bigger and bigger till they eclipse the very sky....

The balloons 'danced' to all the great movie theme music...I feel like a complete dork, but have to confess it did indeed bring a tear to my eye - its just so awesome to sit snuggled up with my family - all the stars out, a nearly full moon , and share in the spectacular....watching thru the eyes of my 4 year old was so exciting...he could barely keep himself inside his skin...his eyes were so very shiny and sparkled with excitement. The 9 year old managed to get her fathers jacket to snuggle in (poor cold dad), and spent the time in terrified -thrilledness during the amazing firework display....the 12 year old was heard giving exclaimations of 'whoa thats mint, did you see that Ma?'....and my little sleepy 2 year old spent his time snuggled into my jumper with me....big blue eyes staring in complete wonder and a little finger pointing occasionally at the stars and was a night we are all so glad for...


Thursday, March 25, 2010

zinc etching

On a thursday night, myself and 2 girlfriends have been sneaking out of our houses (BEFORE the kids are in bed even!), to go buy lollies just for us!, and then go a learn how to zinc etch....its quite a fun process, and given the acid, schlacking,soft ground, hard ground, turps and meths in the room I always come away faintly light headed....I have to be honest, its been cool, we use the art room at the local high school and I find myslef wondering if I'm sitting on my biggest girls art stool - I've really enjoyed this uninterrupted time to draw and hum to with other mums and grandmas let out at night!....the grand finalle` with be printed this week after a few bummer prints...but here is a wee look thus far.
1st - you select your final drawing, then you softground/hardground your zinc plate after filing down the edges....then you use a sharp pointy object to scrath out your picture...into acid to etch the picute into the zinc plate, clean up your plate (like a million times with various stinky things), and viola` you are ready to print....its so fun!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

new stuff I've made.

March is crazy birthday month in our family....with my boys, sweet neice, sister, mother, nana, aunty and good friend all to make feel special...tis very wonderful! This year I have handmade all the ladies pressies and its been fun!....and as I was super organised - not stressful - hooray for me!

For my Nan (whom I adore)...and also for my sweet girlfriends, I made them some funky wee button magnets super simple and fun to make....find some magnets, hot glue, vintage button and hey presto! a wee gift perfect for the mail....(forgot to take pictures - darn!)

For my sweet neice I made a wee drawing folder to match the library bag I made her last year..., and a sweet braided headband, and some warm pjs for winter arriving soon. I just love this kid, and adore spending time with her - I feel she gets me, and I her, and I hope and pray it will always be so....

For my Mama, I made her a patchworked writing folder....all in red and white, and also gave her the first print of my zinc etching I have been working on for the last few weeks....(will show you soon). Mum, you are a rock in my world, and I will be forever grateful for your love and care.

For my lovely (and pregnant - whoop!) sister, I made her a storage holder, out of vintage fabric and crotchet lace, and vintage buttons...and some cool mismatched button magnets...TJ, you are an awesome chick and friend, and I am so blessed to call you sister. (forgot to take pictures - darn!)

Jose turns 4! - the day in pictures

happy birthday cake! a very excited boy!

dawn bike ride kindy: cupcakes to share with our friends

It came and it conquered and it went...a whole year to practice being 4 and all that it is! AWESOME!...this special 4 year old had a terriffic day, was spoilt with wonderful wishes, and gifts, quiet playing time and a family bike ride/walk at twightlight, (oh and at dawn! as an excited birthday boy so wanted to try out his new bike - nothing like 6 pjama clad people walking the street...hehe)...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


My biggest boy is turning 4 this week - that, I have to say is a little NUTS! I know every parent says it - but truly, how did 4 come along so did such a sweet, darling wee (er, 10ld 4 oz wee - ahem) bubby get to be this amazing creature, just so darn quickly!

Jose, you are our world - and you know it! just as you should....we adore you - your passion, your charm, your energy and drive - your compassion, kindness and empathy. We love your muslce man act, Dad loves wrestling with you, your confidence to sing and dance for anyone, we love your leadership qualities, your wonderful sense of ridiculous ( that you share so well!).... you are an awesome son and brother - we couldn't be more proud of who you are and will become.

Jose, you love water...and regularly get changed into your togs through the day - ever hopeful of a water fight, cars, running, jumping, people and then some more people, snuggles as often as possible - and in Mums bed please,monkey !- kindy and also love coming to school with mum and doing your 'work'...and fishing with rock our world kiddo!

May the Lord's face shine upon you, and keep you safe all your days my beautiful boy. xx

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Breathe

Its been one of those weeks....where things seem to topple over and the juggle of balls goes awry. 'Just breathe' seems to have been a mantra in my head...and has covered a myriad of situations - proffessionally (not that I can really call myself one as I just puddle about and not work much) and personally.

Thursday lunchtime was the sunlight at the end of my tunnel - and I had to giggle as Ny and I watched "ever after", and one of the best lines in the movie - was 'just breathe'.

I decided that after such a dumb week, my boys and I deserved a wee outing, so we went down to the beach with some treats and climbed rocks, explored wee crevices, said hello to wee scuttling hermit crabs and watched guys haul their boats down to the sea with their tractors, all set up to fish and explore - maybe thats their 'just breathe'.....

....I'm still saying 'just breathe' in my head, but not as much - and am soo blessed to have these kids who will come exploring with me anytime - and 'just breathe' with me.
Oh, and on a very bright note - its my sweet neices happy 5th birthday - sweet girl, we love you so much and think the world of you - much love sugarplum - your Aunty B. xxx

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

miss much!

I am in the throws of working a bit at the moment - horror! 3 and a half days this week - triple horror! - I love the kids I work with, the job and the staff - but its really impacting on my creative life! - oh how I miss you sewing, how I miss you craft books and blogs, how I miss you wool....sigh. But I guess it means after this week I can go and buy some wonderful fabric - at the very least!! teehee!!....until then I will just give my seweing machine a friendly pat as I walk past it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy birthday Micah Jack!

Happy Birthday 'neigh' cake - with felted wee carrots for the hobby horse to munch

Hobby horse - inspired by his love to ride things (jandals/phone/books) - thanks to Frith for having the link for this! And encouragement too!! he is called - Neigh (Micah called him that!) - he is made from a wollen thrifted jacket, dowl, webbing and buttons

Pjs for the lad - made from gifted fabric (thanks Frithy AGAIN!) and thrifted top with flag added.

I'm into freezer stencilling in a big way!...a 'neigh' for the day

my lovely family - blessed beyond measure!