Thursday, April 21, 2011

autumn fun

the kids were gifted this awesome go-kart....they have put it to good use in the paddocks around here!

autumn harvest

Look at all these pumpkins!! (we had also picked soome earlier and have eaten them already!)....Josaye and I trudged over ot the farm inthe rain and one morning htis week and finished harvesting the last of the to harden them off and store them in the wre hammock Mr Man is about to make for them....just stoked with this haul, and be so cool to share some too...Yay for summer planting!

And also we continue to gratefully gather apples from the date I think I have bottled around 10-12 bottles, made applesauce, stewed apples, apple muffins (countless), apple cakes, apple cider (yup its yum!), apple crumble, and apple pies....(must share the BEST apple pie filling reciepe EVER on here), and of course eaten a fair few baskets of them too.....and several families have been regularly calling in to fill bags and buckets to take home - thankyou apple trees for your bounty.

makin' stuff....

so, with cooler weather comes fingers that just itch to knit!....I have started and undone a beanie for my 2nd girl about 6 times, so have decied to give it a rest and in the meantime found this sweet pattern in Purl bee's book....just love that it's all one piece and so simple.....and as I have 2 wee baby neices and 2 girlfriend's just happened to have had darling little girls...I figure it will fit one of the lass's....and yes, it sure does make me cluck a little louder....I just loved having babies to knit for!...its nice to gift it tho, (I keep telling myself!!)


Easter Sunday is pretty special huh!.....I have always woken with a sense of anticipation on Easter Sunday....and often trek the journey that the 2 Mary's would've made before dawn to the tomb, in my mind, the wet dew, the heavy hearts they might've had; as they made their way to Jesus's burial incredible it would've been to see first hand ancient prophesy's fufilled and the dramatic news the angel shared with them....'He had arisen as He said he would'!....amazing.

We so love celebrating the life we have been given around here, and of course awesome news such as this MUST be celebrated in style! So a family feast in the secret garden seemed to be a wonderful way of remembering what Jesus had done.... So after church, we set up a table and all our decorations we had been making, and had a wonderful teaparty, followed by a treasure hunt....I so hope you have been able to take some time and reflect on what Easter means to you and yours....YOU are loved enough to die for.

Easter begins with new life

Happy Easter, and rememberance of Christ's love for us all!
We have a few family traditions around here, and I just so love the seasonal rhythm that brings to our home. On Good Friday we sit all together and read the Easter account and have wee chat and prayer together....every year we have a variation of family art around the Easter story....and also talk about Passover and what it means for us.

I so love Good Friday, and pray His heart will touch yours as we remember.

officially the last time...

well here's a tear jerker (for leaky me anyways!) 3rd baby is offically graduated from kindy....and with proudness we all (his family) gathered to help him say goodbye to his time at Kindy, and thank all the wonderful teachers for their kindness and paitence and fun....we took in cake, and handmade capes and crowns and masks to gift the kindy.... Jose was so wonderful, and so sweet....the teachers had helped him make a crown and card and playdoh cake....we sang and wished him well....such a special boy this lad of mine.....a bittersweet goodbye thats for sure....he is so excited to be joining his sister at school next term, and even though I so wanted to keep him home until he was at least 6, it is right for him....sniff sniff.....fortunately I relief teach at his school - like 2 days a week! so will see lots of him for sure.... ;-)


Alice in wonderland....and indeed it was! heres a wee pic of my lovely friend Frithy's birthday cake I was lucky to make....and what a wonderland extravagancer it was....she went to so much trouble and and we just loved all the sweet touches she had made for our Mad Hatters teatable, with wee 'drinkme' stirrers, and 'Eat me' cupcakes, and SO much more = AMAZING!...happy birthday gal....your 30's are gonna be tremendous!

Monday, April 11, 2011


this wee guy is experiencing some firsts and some last's at the moment...I am continually in awe of how flexible and adjustable kids can be....and how this wee guy loves to rise to a challenge and embrace's new experiences....

first ripper game....and first school visit (EEK!).....last kindy day this week too...sob.

.....meanwhile just so people know I don't do favourites (hehe), check out the goregeousness of this bunch...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

road trip

Mr Man had a very exciting challenge this weekend....he has been in training for a 100km road bike race.....(totally crazy I KNOW!)....and we got to tag along as his roadies for the, of course HAD to involve picnics! and dinner out! and train rides! and little bush walks thru the mighty redwoods! and a mooch along the stunning Huka falls! And of COURSE lots of coffee out....what a wonderful job description it is, being a roadie/support crew!

We drove along in wonder at these brave and driven people (2000 of them!), in the cold and drizzle they set off, and 3 hours and 27 minutes of silently willing and cheering along, (an in Micah's case a wee rest on the picnic blanket at my feet-that kid can doze/sleep ANYWHERE!!),and we saw him cycling up the hill....the kids started weaving amongst people and running towards him.....faces wreathed in proud grins, arms thrown around his neck and shoes/helmet carried for him, we welcomed him back - full of pride on his behalf at what I think - is an awesome achievement!

Well done my love, we are proud of you and wanna be your roadies anytime you need some!!