Tuesday, April 28, 2009

superman and surf-skiing

well its been busy ya know!
Before I yabber about that tho, I so went to the op-shop in sunny whangamata today, and got some stuff that I think is fab! All for a bargin too!! YAY me!...I would love to start spending a bit more time looking at non-fabric/clothes items tho, as friends always seem to find great stuff, I think I have to re-adjust my looking and focus a bit better...hmmmm, less kids with me sounds like it would make it easier too!

Anyho, i thought Id share this super cute pic of me wee lad in his pjs, which his dad (clever him) forgot to do up the onesie before is pulled up his pants...VIOLA a very chuffed with himeslf weeny superhero....undies on the top of his tights! Cape is definately coming!

Last weekend we spent some time in Hamilton with some frineds that just happen to have a new boat, which just happened to need a blast around the water, and which just happened to have a surfboard and tow-rope attached, and a sea biscuit convenient I say!! Well the big girls and the small boy and Papas, just happened to all agree that the boat would throw a tanty if it didn't get a run around, so heres what they did........and ya know what?! It was sooo conveinent, as I went shopping! Hahaa, the joy of that was great let me tell you!

On another note, my lovely friend Frithy gets married on the weekend and I have to privilegde of decorating her cake, how cool is that! Pics on that one coming up!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Frolics

Nyah and Josaye

Peacock feathers Mama & kidlets ball gown Papa and boys

Last weekend as part of the long weekend, we went to the Bird Gardens in Katikati....acres of beautiful gardens, trees and flowers, little ponds and big ponds, funky sculptures and BIRDS, of course! They had parrots, and everytype of chicken around...spunky wee crested ones, fluffled up with the self importance of doing chicken stuff, the wee cockeral that was breed for fighting, he spent his time organising the girls and at knee high to a grasshopper in the chicken world, did an admirable job of it too! (he strutt his stuff and I likened him to wee admirable with medals pinned across his impressive chest), the girls and I decided the ones with slippers on their feet were the most fabulous tho. The peacocks followed us around and darted all over, very bold mind you, and snitched food from Micahs pram and from beside us on the picnic peahen distraced us with her cool walk whilst another nipped up on the table for a second to snitch what she could...I'm reasonable sure they have an organised snitching rings, and each has its own role to play, they do it well and totally surpised us poor unsuspecting plebs.

The geese were my fav though. A few were malting and looked like they had their ballgowns on (my man just raised an eyebrow at me on that one- how rude!)...they waddle around and rushed with excitement to see what goodies we may of had for them....such a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, with the best people in the world, Autumn sunshine and our worlds beauty...

Farmers Market finds...

We went through to the Paeroa's Farmers MArket for the first time the other weekend....very teeny and to be honest all the good intentions of buying local organic produce gave way to the wee thrift tables and finds we made there...I mean money only goes so far and who could say no to mussel fritters (ew! by the amn likes em) and sauages sizzles, thrift stall, fresh bread and homemade pickles....must take more money next time! Anyways...heres a beautful blazer we found Nyah ...its pure NZ wool, beautifully cut and just looked a bit sad, but after a good soak, some new mismatched button, and a handcreated felt brooch...VIOLA it has a new life...and looks gorgeous on my goregeous girl! All for the grand total of ....drumroll....50cents (truly!)

Easter-part 2

On sunday we always have done a treaure hunt and chocolate eggs, I thought this year our 11 year old might wanna be incharge of it for the younger kids.....but no, she was so excited about it and sooo wanted to be part of it- funny thing....apparently the crazy clues, digging for treaure, twirling down the hill and singing Mum songs is still cool (all to get to the next clue! Totally can milk that one! "Tell Mum have wondeful she is in 6 different ways"- teehee)....anyho, I also made them each a wee basket of Easter things to do, crosswords, an Easter Poem, wee handstitched felt hearts with their initals on, to use as a book mark and remind them of Jesus's love for them and ours too...etc....these went down well, although I suspect it was the weeny eggs in the bottom that were the favourite bit! Kids after my own heart!! oh, and who can let Easter happen without making delicious Hot Cross Buns....but hey thery are good anytime of the year! Steaming hot outta the oven, smothered in butter and homemade jam....gonna make some more today!
NB: the wee fellas sooo didn't eat all that chocolate, its totally for show, and meant wee could have a wee nosh too!!

Easter weekend

I know this is a little late, but oh well! Easter weekend for us as a family has always been special, in previous years we have gathered with all my family, but the last 2 have been just I have made extra effort to make it alive with rememberance and thanksgiving. We didn't get to do everything I'd planned, but thats ok, theres always next year!

We started Thursday night by looking at passover and all that means to both the Jewish people and to us as a family....we talked about the food, the fun and the reasons for it. Friday night we had our traditional Easter rememberance meal...and this year we invited another family to join us, which was lovely to have their company. My girls spent some of the day making decorations and decorating the dining room, we set the table up and made a 'crown of thorns' and 'the tombstone rock' the centre piece, to remind us of the gift of salvation and the hope of what is to come.....we made sweet name places, and sahred after dinner the Easter story in picture form (a wee project I did with our girls a few years ago) was wonderful to share this night with our boys too, and for Jose to be a bigger part of it as his understanding deepens and his love of being a part of everything grows -hes sooo cute-.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Snuggly pj pants

Before I show you my new (and lets be honest- slightly too small) pj pants for my wee -est boy, I have soooo many photos to post and sooo many words to share (sigh) But for today will show pj pants, I found this fuzzy cute stripey fabric at the local Opshop- for the bank breaking cost of....20cents, yup crazy huh! I so love the lil ole ladies down there! Anyho, I thought due to the pilling quality of the fabric, I'd turn it inside out so the fuzz is on the legs and the inside is outside (confused, try living in my head! ;-)...I used another pair of pjs to cut out from and voila`...sweet baby boy pants...I have the top cut out but will have to sew it seam by seam as life is a tad nutty at the mo! for now this wee cherub models his pjs with another oppy find, a thermal top- yay him.

More later this weekend, and Easter thanks-remembering- wishes to all those who remember.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A little sewing

Have I mentioned I love aprons???? And as a odd as it sounds, often wear one around the house to potter and get am starting a collection to suit how I feel. But aside from that I love to make them and made this fabulous (well, to me anyways) apron for my Mama, who celebrated 53 years of life last week....and whom I adore.

I started with the beaautiful duckegg blue print, which is on a rough texted linen (that I LOVE, ike times a million!), and teamed it with a happy red polka dot print....I love the mixed texture/colour/pattern look at he mo, and it was a dream to sew up ....although I've noticed the pocket is a wee wonky, but only noticed after I'd sent it on in a pic of it - grrrr....nevermind, the world is a toopsy turvy kinda place, so it'll fit right in.

My nieces think it looks like a pretty dress hanging in their Arma's pantry....she said its toopretty to use, but I so hope she does, as when its all yuk and dirty we can make another! Yay! - (an aside from that it feels way more glam to mash spuds wearing somehting pretty!!)