Saturday, February 27, 2010

Micah Jack

my sweet baby is turning 2 on Monday......I just can't get my head around that.....its exciting and wonderful to be 2, but this Mama is not ready to let go of the bubby. I have an almost physical heart tug when I think of it, and know, that like the others I will enjoy his 2 year old self as much as any other stage...and am so grateful to have a heart brimming with memories of raising him so far....but still, sweet baby Micah is no longer a baby.
Micah Jack, was such a 'surprise' birth, very quick and full of er...excitement on the way to the hospital....I remember very clearly discussing whether we should find a farmhouse or barn as things progressed so fast...we drove a hairaising hour on a dirt/farm/metal/tarseal/windy road to get there just on time ...but thats another story....

Micah at 2, talks, runs, is silly, loves animals with passion, loves to 'fix' things with his tool box and funny little glasses on; he is loyal, he won't be pushed around if he has had enough, he has the cutest little squishy legs a Mama could ask for. He loves playdough, drawing, painting, running thru the sprinkler and sausages. Micah loves to bake and eat warm scones dripping with butter and jam - he loves his blanket and cuddly and drags them round the house making beds to read in, wherever we are. He loves building huts to have morning tea in, and so loves the beach and freedom of running and rock climbing, gently exploring wee hermit crab pools, and jumping on balloons. From your shiny blue eyes and your gorgeous curls -and all the way to your toes, we love you.
My sweet boy, we are so glad you are ours, so proud of the awesome little guy you are; grow strong my son, with your feet firmly planted in our Lord, and our love and eternal support for you.

I'll be back soon with some pics from his Mama made birthday gifts, and the happy day....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

feb pics cont...

beach bunny - love those eyes
beach babe - something very funny up there!b
Pip the pooch - a great wave herder, job is never done!
chips and a swim - rockin`!
The great fishermen....lots of seaweed to be caught today!

Friday, February 19, 2010

summer sounds.....

summer fresh garden tomatoes-thanks neighbour!
lovin` these - big time! And even better- my biggest girl has sussed out the chords for one of them, so we can play it too!

Fireflies by Owl city

Colbie Calliat -bubbly

Saturday, February 13, 2010

our love day

like many of us, Valentines day doesn't really hold alot of appeal in the commercial sense...but I thought that we would celebrate family love and God's love, I got to work after seeing some awesome ideas on blogs and changing them to suit us. I made a sweet wee felt heart bunting banner to adorn the kitchen, picked some pretty flowers for the table. Then we made this 'love cake', and made a big pitcher of juice for morning tea.

I was inspired by these lolly filled hearts that Dana made, and adapted them to suit each heart had a verse to check out about God's love and Pebbles inside to munch. We also made a bunch of mini paper planes and filled them with messages/sqiggles for each other of love....

The kids seemed to enjoy it and I reckon it was lovley! I liked that it suited each of my children in different ways...

the part of pictures

braids back : to school : our bird friends

date night - candlelit scrabbble : brother play : clay work

bath sillys : a muffin thief at our place : back to playcentre together