Sunday, December 18, 2011

may i bore you??

came 3rd overall in class and a mention in all curriculum areas! and throughout the year certificates in her sporting areas...

class award and 4!! school trophies for various amazingness + school dux, netball rep and top netball team.

this wee dude got the class award for literacy and numeracy, he should also be given one for spunk and ingenuity....!

they don't do kindy awards, but if they did he'd get one for consitently pushing his personal comfort zones, most imaginative and generally fabulous.

I know its not  nice to brag, but I am so seriously heart-swollen at these kids of ours, the effort they put in, the way they embrace life and give everything their best shot - their leadership skills, nuturing skills and kind hearts - such a proud Mama bear I am.  I am so very thankful for them - each one is a blessing beyond measure.

Friday, December 16, 2011

a non-Christmas related post - pretty nature

just because I love these pics and the sun rays I thougt I'd post them...and seriously who can resist these sweets wee baby Thrush birds...their mama conveiniently created her lovely nest at eye height - where she is attempting to raise 4 babies uninterrupted ~ ahem.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The tree is up, new decorations being stitched to give and add to our collection, the fairy lights are twinkling both inside and outside ...I declare Christmas just around the next corner!!!

Sweet birds..........

..the star that led them to find the baby king (or my idea of it anyho)....
...and some kiwiana inspired free stitching taking place.  I love freeform stitching, especially the kind that has no real pattern or even a firm idea of what it will be until, viola`-it turns out to be what is meant to be.

We started our 12 days of Christmas we do every year tonight...this year we are keeping it simple, as we should.  Tonight we kicked it off with a family supper, hot chocolate and treats around the table - together.  

Monday, November 28, 2011

right now....

a storm rolled in a whipped up a giant pink cloud flying saucer

* doing: I am alternating with Mr Man in caring for our wee chicken pox covered boy, so the other can go on in to work, its a catchup game....

*watching: said small poxy boy involved in the most wonder filled game with his brother...I think they have played it for 5 days straight.

*listening to: Kimbra - she is fantabulous.

*thinking:  that I should spend some of the day planning our trip away where we will be camping up North - YAY.

*wondering: if I should do some if its an option with 4 kids!

*enjoying: icy cold pear cider in the early evening...thanks Mr Man!

*crotcheting: yet more coaster doilies, looking forward to having them off the hook on onto my coffee table.

*dreaming: of silky sands and warm breezes, and poxyfree boys.

*looking forward: to the end of term, just around the corner...

*slightly dreading: the end of term clean up and shifting of classrooms, and letting go of my little friends that I teach and help grow everyday.

 *am thankful for: time spent with just Mr Man and I to celebrate (a little eary) our 15 year wedding anniversary...yay us!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a room makeover....

my biggest girl needed a new look in her room, and let me be her designer/ SO thrilled we avoided commercial (aka revolting) popular poster etc, and instead opted to be inspired by my fav mag (Your home and Garden) is what we came up with....she even made her own name bunting - yay!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

a good pressi idea-no?

I made this sweet pressi for a friend who just had a bubby (took fresh toeat of course and this for later)...thinking it might be a quick solution to fresh baking...thinking it might be a sweet gift for christmas treats....eapecially with cranberries and white chocolate....!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


large birthday cake knife - its a tradition to use it...ahem.

sweet sisters...didn't even squabble for the night!

small boy 2
small boy 1
our biggest gal has had a birthday - a very special birthday ...well now, aren't the all?  Menu request: NO VEGES....hmmmm, trouble with that order, but given the quantity of tomato sauce consumed and homemade potato wedges, maybe I could feel a little better??  So, large homemade meat pizzas, icecream sundaes with raspberry sauce, and a big slab of mud cake later...they were are asked to go for a run in the paddock!...who would've thought we would be here, at 14!!!

our babies....celebrating life!
this gal is sassy, fun, clever, caring, logical (think McCleod daughters logic), a bit crazy, loyal and is developing a wonderful strong sense of who she is...we are so proud to call you ours sugarplum. x

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my gurls blinkin` cook!!

seriously stoked!!! came in late from the garden, to find my girlies having a cooking session...back to the garden!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

being 35...

 My lovely family threw a happy birthday teaparty for my 35th.....complete with ladies in dresses, beautiful food, and all my pretty teacups out...we greeted guests with a cold glass of Rose` and everyone seemed to enjoy the sunshine and flowers everywhere.  Judy Garland sang her sweet tunes for the occassion.  So very sweet of everyong to come.

a few thoughts on tunring the ripe old age of 35....
~ I love it.
~ I am learning so much about life...and am so very glad learning never ends.
~I am far more paitient than a younger me.
~I very much admire the women who have walked before me, and those that walk along side, and look to them as a life sisterhood.
~I am as capable as my self imposed limitations....and am learning to shuck those in areas that I wasn't confident before-this is indeed a work in progress.
~I have accepted that I will never be miss-twiggy, or even a normal size...but will still strive to be a healthier me....all the time.
~I am passionate about life balance, raising children to walk with the Lord, and to grow true to who they are meant to be.
~I am more in love with my husband than when we married - sounds a bit silly I know - but we have been sorely tested, and thankfully with much learning, it has brought us closer.
~I now have some experiences to back my ideas and theories, and am happy to admit when I have no idea what I'm talking about!
~I love the sense of being able to more and more remain true to who I am and not be swayed by what others think, and I so hope give others the room to be who they are too...
~All in all, I try hard to chose to focus on our blessings, and chose to find happiness and contentment in the here and now, and in the tiniest things; for they are the things that make our days sweet - are they not?....
~lastly, I am so very blessed to have another (small!) line added to my means I am able to claim another year with my babies....
is there anything you love about your age??

Sunday, October 16, 2011

strawberry love

its jamin` season already! woohoo!!, the kids and mr man came home to the glorious scent of heady simmering very luscious and beautiful.

Monday, October 10, 2011

right now....

 Right now...we have started birthday season at our place (Oct and March).

Grateful for: healthy, strong, characterful kids...

Thankful for:  another year given to both me and the Mr, another year spent growing and changing, and watching our babies flourish...this time I am indeed grateful for an extra line or 2, and count it a blessing.

Thrilled that:  our girls made the decision to be baptised, and we were able to celebrate that with lots of fanfare, and grateful hearts.  (also got them made a beautiful necklace each, which will share later).
Watching: these wee piggy's turn into rather large piggy's...and enjoying making sure they are cared for to the best of our collective ability (with huge thanks to our farmer friend for his knowledge, effort and time).

Contemplating: a lovely new stash of pretty fabric, and looking on the net for inspirational Christmas ideas...

Enjoying: listening to 2 small boys make huts upstairs, and the strumming of my big girls on guitars.

Reflecting on:  how much I adore our wee neices and nephews...they truly add colour and vibrancy to our world.

Excited that: its school holidays and that means we can have slower days, and longer nights...with treats sandwiched in between.

Thinking: that I really should clean the windows...but probably won't!
wishing you a wonderful day - whatever it may bring!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

spring september madness

sooo, I decided that I would love to take some pics of the kiddos to update my wall, impress grandies etc etc...And it happened to be Fathers day!  A tad late, but we just love the dad at our place so very are some fun pics of the day, ...they took a wrestle match, random dive bombs, much rolling of the eyes (on my part), coaxing, threatening, and laughing, before giving up totally to take pics of the chickens instead!

Friday, September 2, 2011


after a long week and a sad day saying goodbye to someone taken too early today...I am hoping the weekend looks a little like this....
Tonight, I am thankful....for genrations of faithful families, whose example of faith speaks louder than any words can;  for my beautiful children and best- friend- husband....for wonderful warm family and gorgeous friends....each of you are so very precious to me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

op shop finds


ooooo looky looky! a resent happy score at our local...very stoked with the pretty plates especially!  And check out the cool vintage car fabric...not sure what will be made from it, but obviously it HAD to come and live at my house...suggestions??