Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Frolics

Nyah and Josaye

Peacock feathers Mama & kidlets ball gown Papa and boys

Last weekend as part of the long weekend, we went to the Bird Gardens in Katikati....acres of beautiful gardens, trees and flowers, little ponds and big ponds, funky sculptures and BIRDS, of course! They had parrots, and everytype of chicken around...spunky wee crested ones, fluffled up with the self importance of doing chicken stuff, the wee cockeral that was breed for fighting, he spent his time organising the girls and at knee high to a grasshopper in the chicken world, did an admirable job of it too! (he strutt his stuff and I likened him to wee admirable with medals pinned across his impressive chest), the girls and I decided the ones with slippers on their feet were the most fabulous tho. The peacocks followed us around and darted all over, very bold mind you, and snitched food from Micahs pram and from beside us on the picnic peahen distraced us with her cool walk whilst another nipped up on the table for a second to snitch what she could...I'm reasonable sure they have an organised snitching rings, and each has its own role to play, they do it well and totally surpised us poor unsuspecting plebs.

The geese were my fav though. A few were malting and looked like they had their ballgowns on (my man just raised an eyebrow at me on that one- how rude!)...they waddle around and rushed with excitement to see what goodies we may of had for them....such a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, with the best people in the world, Autumn sunshine and our worlds beauty...

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