Friday, August 27, 2010

made it

been doing a wee bit of sewing lately - here's last weeks venture....all from my stash -YAY. vintage cars/city fabric from a friend....simple black cotton and reversible with green polar fleece on the other side ....Micah Jack seems to like it and looks super cute in it...although don't look closely as my machine and I didn't get on so good with the thickish layers - grrr.
Jose is begging for one too- so found the BEST fabric down at the local oppy this week to make his lordship one too... Such a good pattern for another layer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

wardrobe wednesday take 2

This is my 'I've got playcentre, followed by brief home time followed by basketball, and get home at 5' ensemble...hehe - in other words it a 'mom' outfit...comfortable, warm and patterned for the paint splodges inevitably put on it, snot wiped and general grime - nice.

righto: cardi - Sara lable, true score as a girlfriend found it for me in the local oppy - its lambswool and I love the swing style to it. (it hides a few lumps YUS!)

singlet - totally my OLD feeding singlet ...but I like the length so keep wearing it.

jeans - opshop find and in my fav wildchild label (a.k.a redwood tree legs jeans)

brooch - found on FELT and I love it times a million!

casual sneakers - the warehouse...LOVE these and are super sad they are falling apart - but will wear them to the bitter end.

leave you link if you are playing so I can check YOU out ...have an AWESOME day. xx

Saturday, August 21, 2010

a diggin we will go

I thought I might like to remember this in time gone thought I'd pop it here for now.

Micah Jack is 2 and a half...he is bright, beautiful, clever, flexible and affectionate...he is also stubborn, determined, and strong...he also has great stickability for gettin a job done...long after the 4 1/2 year olds have flitted off to another project, Micah is still at it till hes completed his goal....take this hole,
- the boys at playcentre decided to fill in the puddles at playcentre- so gumboots on, spade in hand, barrow at the ready, they started its a whole lot of earth to shift...and before long Jose and the others has deciced to go build stuff....not Micah Jack; he stuck at the digging, shifting, pouring, piling of dirt - until in his wee mind, the job was done - and done properly... this is so Micah even at 2 1/2....hes the kind of lad who will grow(I hope and pray), into the kind of guy that you will want by your side in tough times - knowing he will stick at whatever it is, until its done - and done well - son, grow strong and true; kids like you inspire others ....xxxx your mama.


my uncle passed away this week... I know he was very respected and cared for in his church and school community...that his sons and wife are loyal and true to him....I wish he didn't have to go, but know it was a relief from suffering...he leaves a legacy of loyalty, truth and care....I know that his faith was strong, and believe I will meet him again one day when its my turn. Sorrow makes you think about your own mortality and what will happen to you and yours...its my heartfelt prayer and plea that my own children will follow the narrow path of life...that they will accept the gift of salvation as theirs; following their great uncle, my uncle when their own time do I for myself.... we all have a choice = I choose life.

I love you game

my kids and I have often played the 'I love you game' over the years, but right now its my 3rd baby whose really into it...and he comes up with some really funny goes like this:

Me: I love you more than the stars in the sky....

J: I love you more than the sand on the beach...

Me: I love you deeeper than the ocean

J: I love you bigger than the moon...

Me: I love you more than the blades of grass on the lawn....

J: I love you more the than dog poop on the lawn....(nice)

Me: I love you higher than the pyramids of Egypt....

J: I love you more than my butt...(ahem)....
you get the picture of how it goes I'm sure....teehee, try it out sometime! (be warned however if you play it with boys, butts, poop and more WILL get mentioned!)

the hunter

oooo yeah...he conquered that wily trout, smoked the beggar then we ate it - freshly smoked and warm..... these lads of mine - and listening them doing blokey stuff; paitently answered questions and reasons given to the 'but whys's' quietly discussed...I love to see my wee blokes chests puff up with the importance of helping Dad (the local hero at our place)....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


look what arrived in the mail for me!! it was hearalded with Pip the pooches melodramatic protection of the gate as the courier attempeted to hand over the package - sigh...seriously need to do something about that!...anyho LOOK!
from the states came my vintage swap package (which is seriously way more generous that mine was, and postage is enormous from over there too! - eek!), and a wee treasure trove tumbled out...THANKS so much MUCH Nicola...I have the perfect use for the yarn already, have drank from the teacup, have plans for the books and love the yellow fabric/sheet...your awesome! Thanks so much xx

wardrobe wednesday

gulp....sigh...gulp...nervous snicker...yup doing it!

Now ladies before we giggle at the above pic I must impore you to be kind and hide it behind your hands....I thought I'd join in the Wardrobe Wednesday along with all the other players (well maybe just once, will see how brave I feel next week) hosted/started by Clare from GreenValley...its been fun checking out other people styles and there are some seriously gorgeus chicks out here in bloggy land - anyho as you can see I am no twiggy, or even sticky - hehe - rather like the giagantic redwood of this land (well the girth anyways!) goes:

cardi- glassons

jeans - wild child (a must for redwood builds)

ballet flats - op shop score WITh tags still on, there were silver so painted them black and they came out a gunmetal colour =LOVE.

Dress, made be me with MUCH crankiness at the shirring elastic!

belt - froma friends opshop adventure (too big for her - sigh)

crazy hair - mine.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

a birth-day

my lovely friend Sarah asked if I would come and support her during her 2nd birth - um, YES!...this gal doesn't need to be asked twice I can tell you!...such an enormous priveledge and honour, one that I will forever treasure; this sweet babe will be one I will always pray for and delight in...

Such a lovely calm and peaceful entry into our world...such a brave and courageous Mama....

Welcome sweet Freya Emmeline are such a beautiful wee blossom.

Friday, August 13, 2010

a trip to the gardens

my boys and I go to playcentre once a week - where we are able to hang out, make a huge mess, and spend that time playing and learning together in a wonderful enviroment with other mums and kids...we are fortunate to have this and I think its unique to NZ...we encourage our children to learn naturally and at their own level, catering for their intersts and merging passions - it so fun....anyho, some of us went on a wee excursion the other day to the Ngatea Waterlilly gardens...such a fun place for families...I esp. loved the quirky little signs everywhere...

birthday girl

happy birthday miss 2 year old niece! you make the sunsine seem brighter....xxxx Aunty B

Sunday, August 8, 2010

a great idea

while checking out the net the other night I came across a picture of a sock icepack...and thought - 'what a great idea!'(can't remember where sorry)...little did I know that idea was about to come into practice IMMEDIATELY!

the biggest girl likes to play soccer and play it HARD, (think bulldozer) and came home Thursday with a suspected light concussion and shoulder injury....healed from that (according to dr) and played on Saturday...where she rolled her ankle lightly spraining it - seriously, I wish she would take up knitting! anyho, what you do is:

take small ziplock bag and fill it with ice....push the ziplock bag into a tube (or long) sock...then you can gentle loop it around the affected area and gently tie it on using the sock itself!....hey presto!...a sock icy pack!, soft, flexible and COLD - I suspect I will be using it again soon - and am building up my ice supplies ready for the weekend...hmmm