Wednesday, August 26, 2009

History at our place

we are fortunate to live in a wee town with lots of history and structures that have been left behind by miners and those that lived their lives here. Some would've experienced such hardships and cold...some sacrificed their limbs to thier livelihoods...some intentially cut off figers for insurance to feed their families or stake another turn on their claim. We are only scratching the surface with our meanderings...but here are a few pics of our recent 'finds'.
Some of the photos are from the Cornish Pump House and some are from the Old Battery

sittin' round the oven

this is what I walked into the other night....all the boys at our house pulled up a chair to watch the mac'n'cheese toast on funny! We are all hanging out for summer and campfires- can't you tell!?!
with great anticipation they filled in the grilling time with safety talks and the merits of cheese sauce reciepes....very sweet boys these 3.

I especially love the way the wee-est boys feet can't touch the ground.

Friday, August 21, 2009

makin' stuff....

hey, its been a while huh! Have been busy...have even worked a couple days -outside our home ;-)...scary!! but good....I think I 've missed teaching (i think??)....not wanting to do it all the time, or even weekly to tell the truth, but was a nice change from our usual life.
Here are a couple things have made lately...this knitted number is made in the softest of wool...ashamed to say its Australian (don't hate me) with 20% soya huh. And on this wee goldie top (My bubby) it looks good enough to nibble on, or at least give a wee squeeze to. Its called a 'Gilet' ...which means........actually, I don't know, but figure its got something to do with the style....

And also made these cute wee bloomers for the shop ( )...and another pair for my delightful thumbelina niece who turned one!....Yay for her....amd also making her a 'Gilet" to go with the most delightful colours (will show ya later) badly wanted to give it to her on her birthday...but a wee person -who sahll remain nameles grrrrr- kindly pulled the needle on it and had to start again on the back...sigh! Good practice huh!