Monday, March 30, 2009

Kids are our blessing

A March moment in time, just to remember them as now....

I want to celebrate their amazing indiviuality, and acknowlege how they each are a unique part of Team Frew in this life we have been gifted...

I am continually blown away by the diverse and fabulous kids we have.... of how they bring out the best and probably at times (not too many I hope!) the worst, the fearsome protectivesness they inspire in me, the choas they create, the laughter they bring to our home, the maternal nuture they create in me, the colourful strands of personality and delicious sense of humour each kid brings to weave into our home life, the blessing we have of helping these precious babies grow and develope, gathering their feathers and slowly strengthing their wings for their own flights into our world - to hopefully soar....

Josaye is 11 and is responsible, caring, kind, talented with the guitar, has a wicked sense of humour and finds the craziest things drop on the floor funny! She is trying to figure out who she is, I just love the glimpses of her deep and caring soul we have, she is competetative, passionate and sensitive, she wants to save the world from injustices. She is affectionate, and an awesome big sister

Nyah is 8 1/2 and is my sweet and spicy girl, she is very funny, kind, practical (in daisy type ways - and often floors me with the logic that makes sense and I didn't see it!), she is a take charge in her own way kinda gal, until someone comes along who wants to do it more, she is dramatic (stand on your bed and read poetry dramatic), compassionate and sympathetic. She is a fabulous sister.

Jose at just 3 is a golden boy, he is funny and has the best giggle, he is ticklish and sweet and snuggly (always picks the best daisys he can find for my hair, and finds me interesting rocks for our pockets), he is articulate and kind, and he loves our 10 oclock ritual of 'coffee', he loves people and company, and balls. He is a superhero kinda guy who loves helping. He is a wonderful brother.

Micah Jack has just turned 1, my tropical weather wee man, he is independant, loves doing his own thing wombling round outside, he has delicious strawberry curls and sparkly blue eyes, he is smoochy, loves working out how things work (will be a fix-it man- excellent!), determined and curious, he loves to explore and experiment and his wee mind is a busy machine, he adores his siblings and finds them hugely funny, he is a wee show-off. He is a fantastic wee brother.

We are blessed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vinegar! Weekly tip

I am trying hard (sometimes not though!) to use more products in the house that my Nan would've....things that are cheap, natural and best of all actually work! I am playing with vinegar...and before anyone wrinkles their noses at the smell they are imagining right now- I promise white vinegar dries odourless (phew imagine how bad that could be otherwise - would have to give out a nose peg at the door!- I digress...)

Anyho, white vinegar is popping up all over the house at the mo, and this weeks tip is using it to get ball point ink off your clothes/suede ottoman (thanks son!)

So basically, you get a cloth and dab straight from the bottle, vinegar onto the mark...and repeat till it disappears! Easy peast huh!

....And yes it does work on suede, even gigantic long pens 'slashes' come out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The best things in life ARE free

To me, one of the bestest things in the world ARE free....slow dancing in the kitchen with the man, big girls happily chatting, small boys playing on the deck with there blocks of wood making roads, playing with their sweet. A perfect moment to reflect on later, in the chaos to come!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sister

My middle sister turned the grand age of 30 yesterday....we had a gathering. In the sunshine the kiddies (all of them except one wee boy across the ditch), romped and laughed, and got cross with each other and then laughed about funny things...they chased each other, held hands and helped the baby walk, played cricket and for my big girls, had target practise with the BB gun. It was sister is lovely and I made for her a wee felt crown, that I had sewn 30 (yes 30!) wee buttons on, one for each year....she didn't know what to do with it, and yes it probably did look funny with the glam hair and great dress (part of my brillant plan - teehee)....but as I made it, a wee prayer for each one of her years was prayed, and I hope she is blessed beyond her imagination, with what our Heavenly Father has planned for her.

Happy Birthday Sweet Tanith Jayne, you are to me, wonderful.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Where the heck has 4 months gone~!

Tis been awhile....4 months to be exact. How the heck do you fill in 4 months!! I don't think I'll try!! Excpet maybe to add a few baby turned 1 on the 1st of March- where of where has that time gone?? He's gone from being a wee plebby, chubby, stargazing cherub, to a real life boy! Tottering around being enchanted with all around him and enchanting those who watch his wide eyed wonder....he is to me - everything. I am blessed to have 4 'everything to me's' other baby boy turned 3 this really where the heck has that time gone!! (wonder what happens to time once you have lived it and it has passed? Am wrabling will stop now). 3 is a magical 'he-man' age isn;t it? Where you are the superhero fixing thing, struttin your stuff shirtless and being 'all that'; and when you are tired of being he-man you still get to curl up in your Mama's arms and snuggle your cuddly; knowing your are indeed 'all that' to her and your family and secure in been just you. I love 3. I have loved my sweet girls being 3, teapartys and 'dotman adventures' (my eldests superhero name); cloud gazing and more sweet snuggles. sigh.

We had christmas and camping, and beaching, and surfing and sun drenched times throughout the summer...often spent with fabulous people we adore and always with each other....watching the seasons change now, it will be wonderful to 'simmer in the memories of summer' and also embrace the cool months ahead (I'll have to remember that when moaning about the rain/wind/freezy cold dumb weather!). Seriously, the first bird feeders have been made by me and the 3 year old, a bit premature it seems as the birds aren't hungry yet and eye our lovely feeders somewhat suspiciuosly out little birdys, you will be tempted to sit in our tree outside our window...oh yes you will! We can't wait for that.
I have finished the beanie for the man for winter 2009, the wrist warmer for the 11 year old (mostly for styly reasons and not at all because she has cold wrists!) and am now onto the fingerless gloves with sweet buttons for the 8 year old...oh yes cool weather is here, rock out the knitting needles! Yeeha!!