Monday, May 31, 2010


YAY! I just got in the nick of time - gulp!...really looking forward to playing with you lovely ladies and crafting up a storm here, can't wait to start (tomorrow) and get some pretties in the post! VERY EXCITEd....and even got the Man to be my random number generator thingy, number 3 and 7 on my random list will be up first! I wonder who they are....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

'I wanna be a fireman when I grow up"...

...and really who doesn't when you are a boy - or a grown up for that matter!...we recently visited the local firestation and found 2 new 'superheros', rather exciting for the 2 small lads at our house!....firehoses, jaws of life AND a firetruck ride! "cool as", according to Master 4!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

just for me

I love esty and I love our kiwi version - FELT....its amazing and some beautiful have been crafted on their...I was having a wee looky a few weeks ago and fell in love with this art nouveau inspried vintage brooch .... I literally obsessed day and night over it in my head for 2 weeks , and then went...'what the heck, just buy the thing!' I did! and its just for me!!! So excited. x
(If you love this kinda thing, check out this chicks website - it rocks!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

mother's day catchup

I'm playing catchup but these pics were too sweet not to post, I so love homemade cards and pressies...and The Man outdid himself...he actually flipped thru one of my craft magazines and found something he could make - And then MADE it! I am SOSOSOSO impressed and thrilled....lots of effort as he had to wait for me to go to bed and then spent until 1am getting the tension just right beofre getting up to make bacon and pancakes for breakfast witht he kids - I wrote in to the Magazine to tell them about his amazingness....and fingers crossed maybe my letter might be published and he might win a treat or tw0....Thankyou Set, for supporting our kids in their quest to do special things for Mothers means the world....and to my four beautiful babies, there is no Mama on earth who is more thanful or proud to call you you to the stars and back.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

captain's log - er lunch

Both our girls play sport ..... both love playing it .... all of us troop out early on misty Saturday mornings to support and cheer for them, The Man takes the soccer girl one week, and I take the netball girl and boys; then we swap the next week....then we meet back home for lunch.

This year, both girls were selected to be their team's captains - am so happy for them! and know they will do a great job! With or without the various accolades/positions etc we are hugely proud to call them ours - but its so nice for them that others see how fab they are too!
I thought a wee captains lunch with candles was in order - I'm pretty sure they giggled at that!

Friday, May 7, 2010

me oh my -its MAy!

well that just crept up huh!, who would've thought it'd sneak in the door and leap up and shout BOO, after skulking round for bit!.....I'm working a bit this month and missing 'just being Mum'...but I keep saying ot myself that its just for a wee while and my big girls are at school - I work at my 2nd daughters school so see her lots, and my boys come for part of the day...but still!

We have been blessed to have a very lovely 17year old come and watch over my sweet lads the last 2 days, and I am so very happy she has....I tell ya, my boys are better 'played' with than when I'm at home....the side walk is a rainbow of colour from their drawings, the bikes are scattered from been ridin and they are bright eyed and pink cheeked from giggling....blessed!

Before starting this week just gone and the week to come, I had a mammoth sewing spat for the market - which I did dismally at, didn't even break even, but it was such fun to while away 3 hours sipping coffee, admiring others creations, bargin hunting and generally chatting....while The Man masterfully took kids to 2 netball games, a soccer game and 2 preschoolers in his stride - they even fit in a visit to me.....well done him! Game on again tomorrow - the lads with me at netball, and The Man at soccer......meeting back here for lunch.....roll on Nana naps in th arffternoon!!

anyways, some of my market sewing is in the FELT shop - and if it doesn't sell I know of 2 sweet babes who will arrive in this world soon, that will have matchi everything! Hehe.....