Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter weekend

I know this is a little late, but oh well! Easter weekend for us as a family has always been special, in previous years we have gathered with all my family, but the last 2 have been just I have made extra effort to make it alive with rememberance and thanksgiving. We didn't get to do everything I'd planned, but thats ok, theres always next year!

We started Thursday night by looking at passover and all that means to both the Jewish people and to us as a family....we talked about the food, the fun and the reasons for it. Friday night we had our traditional Easter rememberance meal...and this year we invited another family to join us, which was lovely to have their company. My girls spent some of the day making decorations and decorating the dining room, we set the table up and made a 'crown of thorns' and 'the tombstone rock' the centre piece, to remind us of the gift of salvation and the hope of what is to come.....we made sweet name places, and sahred after dinner the Easter story in picture form (a wee project I did with our girls a few years ago) was wonderful to share this night with our boys too, and for Jose to be a bigger part of it as his understanding deepens and his love of being a part of everything grows -hes sooo cute-.

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