Monday, November 28, 2011

right now....

a storm rolled in a whipped up a giant pink cloud flying saucer

* doing: I am alternating with Mr Man in caring for our wee chicken pox covered boy, so the other can go on in to work, its a catchup game....

*watching: said small poxy boy involved in the most wonder filled game with his brother...I think they have played it for 5 days straight.

*listening to: Kimbra - she is fantabulous.

*thinking:  that I should spend some of the day planning our trip away where we will be camping up North - YAY.

*wondering: if I should do some if its an option with 4 kids!

*enjoying: icy cold pear cider in the early evening...thanks Mr Man!

*crotcheting: yet more coaster doilies, looking forward to having them off the hook on onto my coffee table.

*dreaming: of silky sands and warm breezes, and poxyfree boys.

*looking forward: to the end of term, just around the corner...

*slightly dreading: the end of term clean up and shifting of classrooms, and letting go of my little friends that I teach and help grow everyday.

 *am thankful for: time spent with just Mr Man and I to celebrate (a little eary) our 15 year wedding anniversary...yay us!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a room makeover....

my biggest girl needed a new look in her room, and let me be her designer/ SO thrilled we avoided commercial (aka revolting) popular poster etc, and instead opted to be inspired by my fav mag (Your home and Garden) is what we came up with....she even made her own name bunting - yay!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

a good pressi idea-no?

I made this sweet pressi for a friend who just had a bubby (took fresh toeat of course and this for later)...thinking it might be a quick solution to fresh baking...thinking it might be a sweet gift for christmas treats....eapecially with cranberries and white chocolate....!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


large birthday cake knife - its a tradition to use it...ahem.

sweet sisters...didn't even squabble for the night!

small boy 2
small boy 1
our biggest gal has had a birthday - a very special birthday ...well now, aren't the all?  Menu request: NO VEGES....hmmmm, trouble with that order, but given the quantity of tomato sauce consumed and homemade potato wedges, maybe I could feel a little better??  So, large homemade meat pizzas, icecream sundaes with raspberry sauce, and a big slab of mud cake later...they were are asked to go for a run in the paddock!...who would've thought we would be here, at 14!!!

our babies....celebrating life!
this gal is sassy, fun, clever, caring, logical (think McCleod daughters logic), a bit crazy, loyal and is developing a wonderful strong sense of who she is...we are so proud to call you ours sugarplum. x