Thursday, November 8, 2012

embracing the camera

this week, with my 2 funny, sassy, sweet, kind girls....who wow me, floor me, frustrate and delight me - how the heck we ended up with such fab chicks, is at times beyond me.  But lotsa prayer, growls, hugs and laughter lines the path of their childhood thus far ...I guess lots more of each will be be needed...mostly i am just awestruck they get to be mine. x

Monday, November 5, 2012

shes 15

our eldest baby is now 15 - half woman half girlchild - its an exciting journey no?  This kiddo is truly talented,  and its so fun to be along for the ride (and providing the ride-ha!)...if there is a ball shes there, if there's a guitar or drums, or keys or mic or...(you get the idea), shes there.  At school she reflects His light, and is given so many oportunities to lead and learn.  Our family motto is to be the best we can cheesy as it sounds...but hey, this kid is living up to it - so proud of this kid who made me a Mama...shes  my hearts delight.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

embrace the camera

Jose's turn this time - he has a mother!!
this crazy lad of mine is growing up way too fast....he even said to me the other day "Mama, I'm growing up so fast hey?!"...indeed my son, but don't rush!
We are on the cusp of summer...we can feel it in the air sometimes...and this lad is about to start his 'rite of summer passage' -as it were- green grass stained knees are here, insect bites are starting, scrapes from going to fast on his bike, cricket and swimming about to start.  I love this lil guy - he is sunshine and fresh grass to me.