Sunday, August 17, 2014

its been a while..

....18 months in fact.  Long enough for a new job, new house, new dog...but thankfully the same Mr Man and kidlets...just a larger version (of the kiddlets...ahem), in fact 2 of them a taller than me...I'm just as shocked as you, for sure!
Let's get into this space again...hmmm? All cosy like even.  If nothing else, and for no one else, the odd thought and memory will be forever stored in space; who knows even maybe my kids in a few years might look back a these ramblings, and know again, they are thought of, loved and my universe....I loved the list from Green Valley, so have adapted it a wee bit.

Making : drawing with ink again, very occassionally
Cooking : 3 meals at theory of cook 1x eat 3x is a sunday tradition now
Drinking : lots of freshly made vege juices
Reading: education mumbo jumbo
Wanting: more time
Looking: lilly's on my table...heavenly
Wishing: longer weekends
Enjoying:  the sunny spot on my cape cod chair on Sunday arvos
Liking:  long lunches to celebrate special freind's
Wondering:  when I'll fit my jeans waiting for me in the wardrobe...sigh
Loving: red polka dot napkins 
Hoping:  forever for world peace...hmmm
Marvelling:  that my 8 year old son gives awesome head scratches
Needing:  quiet...pft not likely this year
Smelling:  fresh baking
Wearing:  my fave red skinny's
Following:  all my old faves
Noticing:  i should moisturise my hands more often
Thinking:  I'll try the zebra stripes on my finger nails soon
Feeling:  like I have had a it

who know's, I might even get back here this pressure

Sunday, March 3, 2013

sweet strong ...and 5!

ooo mushy babe, all of 4 weeks old, and nearly outta his basket

almost 5! and growing everyday

5 arrives! and we so celebrate with all the superheros from near and far!

Micah are so very precious to us all.  we love your curiosity, your pondering of how all things work together - your considered questions to the links of info still out of your grasp.  I love that you think before you speak, that you love to find out how things work, your compassion and slow to anger temper.  You are a lovely, lovely, lovely lad, who is super creative, making things everyday to improve some aspect of whatever thought-wave you are on.  I heart-adore the fact that despite being a busy lad, you fashion me the sweetest jewelry, thinking through the sizing and placement of jewels (this week shyly placing a tiny package in my hand during a work meeting; revealing 100 pieces of sticky-tape and wrapped; inside lay a beautiful 'diamond ring', that I have proudly worn all week).  You are loyal to your family, protective of me and my heart; your dad's buddy in all things fish/workshop/lawns/weights ...and more.  

We celebrated in style this week, inviting precious family and some of his little friends, dressing up as superheros and eating superhero style...a few games, as everyone seemed to love running and hiding and playing in the secret garden...and we all had so much fun remembering how to skip.  the very best part ...we get to hang EVERYDAY, ALL DAY; as you are now a big school boy - in MY class; so exciting! love you my treasure, to the stars and back!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

organising the corners...

I so love a little bit of re-arranging, nothing serious but a freshen up here and there make things seem brighter, no?  I love my pantry door blackboard...the kids, not so much, as all their chores are there plan to see!

Friday, January 18, 2013

better late than never?...

well now, here we are mid Jan and I haven't even posted 2012's reflections, and yet there is much to be thankful for! So, better late than never, thought I would share a few thoughts.
micah jack's brilliant portraits of mr man and I (4y10months)
in 2012....I was 
::~ Grateful, so very much, for family, and special times had, the birth of 2 celebrated and much loved nieces joining our family, making us 24 in number...a hefty team to face the world with.
::~Thinking, a lot of time spent re-evaluating things, a change of church family for us- which has being a blessing and also an upheaval. 
::~Creating, not a lot of creativity occurred when compared to previous years, but working has indeed swallowed the lion share of my days...however, knitting, sewing, crocheting, have all played their various parts.
::~Growth, in our children, in ourselves and in our relationship...stretching and changing sometimes have tears and hurts...relationships have been pulled and kneaded into a different shape, with a better result, despite initial qualms and fears.  Watching the physical growth of the kiddos is always amazing no?  Each of them is alot closer to being as tall as me, and the eldest is now taller..eek!
::~Change, this year I have undergone a journey of transformation...losing 47kgs of myself along the way - RELIEF is the biggest thing I feel, followed by WEEHEE, new clothes in a much smaller size YUS!  Lots of running around with the kids -easily now.  More to drop off along the year, but a massive chunk gone, heart says thankyou to myself!
::~Challenge, on so many fronts - but the one in mind, is running! I am officially a runner!  Yup, I slowly slumph along, but I'm doing it - YAY...once again the heart says -thankyou -to myself.
::~Explore, I have a yearn to explore our magnificent country...and have had the opportunity to a wee bit, visiting Waikauwa Bay most recently, and stopping off up the Coromandel along the way - `tis a feast for your eyes...such beauty...I so hope that 2013 is a year to explore.
::~Looking forward to, an awesome year, truly I pray it will be so! Welcome 2013, we gonna love each other!

Monday, December 10, 2012

got my craft on...

ive cut out about a million little circles, and sewn them up into pretty garland for the tree- the dining room, and more to come...such a simple easy quick thing to do...=love.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

sunday mornings are coming....

sooooo love sunday mornings (when we aren't on music-although love that too), love that leisurely feel to starting the day.....a whole heap of these are just around the corner -whoop!

Friday, December 7, 2012

some of november in photo

we are looking at the end of the term tunnel fast approaching, and I'm thinking November might be forgotten in its wake! So a wee record of some highlights for our whanau...
1-4. My pyromaniac brother and his sweet babes and wifey visited with us a pyromaniac daughter was especially thrilled ~ ahem (the wild life was not so much).
5. a wee window of chillax, at the local resort style pool...nursing a very painful back
6. time spent with mr man, just the 2 of us for a lovely weekend away- restorative and so needed
7. my 3rd babe ready for a party - as the only boy invited he was indeed 'mothered' and looked after...he presented the said wee birthday princess with roses form the garden, to which a large spider promptly jumped out and horrified all 12 girls - such fun!