Saturday, April 11, 2009

Snuggly pj pants

Before I show you my new (and lets be honest- slightly too small) pj pants for my wee -est boy, I have soooo many photos to post and sooo many words to share (sigh) But for today will show pj pants, I found this fuzzy cute stripey fabric at the local Opshop- for the bank breaking cost of....20cents, yup crazy huh! I so love the lil ole ladies down there! Anyho, I thought due to the pilling quality of the fabric, I'd turn it inside out so the fuzz is on the legs and the inside is outside (confused, try living in my head! ;-)...I used another pair of pjs to cut out from and voila`...sweet baby boy pants...I have the top cut out but will have to sew it seam by seam as life is a tad nutty at the mo! for now this wee cherub models his pjs with another oppy find, a thermal top- yay him.

More later this weekend, and Easter thanks-remembering- wishes to all those who remember.

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