Saturday, July 31, 2010

baby shower...

baby bumps - one with 1 and one with 2!!

Frith and I hosted a baby shower for our lovely friend Sarah ... twas so fun to do. We were pretty fortunate in that Frith is finishing renovating her house and they aren't moving in for a week or we got to hold it at her new place and be the very first offical guests! - cool hey!
so...made some more tissue pompoms, lit a million candles, the cosy fire, had throws and cushions scattered along with some cool chairs, a cupboard door and some paint cans did as a low coffee table...with a pretty cloth, no-one even knew!....some games were organised (the less cheesy kind - I hope!)...yummy food and hey presto we have a party!!
...we wish you all the very best miss Sarah, for the arrival of this sweet soul - so looking forward to snuggling this wee babe.

makin' stuff....

a lambwool and alpaca beanie for my nephew...kinda made up as I went.
a wee tutu for my niece, who is turning 2! she can attend her tea parties in style.

a wee russian doll inspired cushion for the same side asleep the other awake...

some spill clothes that I made as part of present for a friend having baby...we threw her a babyshower this week....twas fun, and will share more on that soon.

the 10th birthday - day...

A smidgen of pre-birthday sewing and this wee craft bag emerged...Ny is a project girl, and likes to work with paper mainly at this stage soooo, I thought a wee 'pick-up-and-go' bag would she has wee pockets for everything and a large pouch in the middle for all the paper a girl can carry!...and of course every girl needs a party was totally a hold up to the kid and cut type of pattern...seemed to work, imperfectly tho...i love the wee lemon vintage buttons...and she looked darling on her big day with this dress, leggings and a sunshine yellow sweet cardi, and yellow shoes..

The enchanted castle cake in progress and the complete...twas fun to do and not hard just time consuming...and a wee tissue pom poms that were strung everywhere...along with bunting and balloons....

this is as early as it looks! and yes that is frost on the ground !- brrrr!!...nothing like a bike ride with ALL the family in dressing gowns and slippers outside at 6.30am!...did I mention brrrrrr!

we went to the big smoke and took the big girls and friend to the movies...and had to wear these fun 3D glasses...teehee, a good look, no?

then back to the grandies place where most of her cousins and aunties and uncles gathered for a lovely aftenoon tea, cake and silly-fun games....then out for was a SUPER-fun day, full-on, loud, lots of laughter, a few remenising moments, lots of food, and whanau....Miss 10 said "I never want this day to end..."
Happy Birthday sweet, loved, compassionate, sassy,stunning, funny, loving, loyal girl - we love you.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


a whole decade of giggling, laughing, tickling, reading, chatting, hugging, snuggling, growling, caring, instructing, admiring, fixing, sorting, loving, understanding, and girl turns 10 tomorrow and I just can't beleive we are here already....I have much to show and tell, but will do so later....

....Nyah, you are sunshine at its best....warm and smothering and wholly delicious - we are so glad you are ours....HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY sugarplum xxx

Thursday, July 22, 2010


teehehehehee...this is a bit of fun for you

What Jane Austin Heroine are you?...take the quizz and find out - apparently I'm Elizabeth Bennet - how wonderful...http:///

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

have a go xx

Friday, July 16, 2010

special 80th birthday....

Jose and Micah were asked to help blow out the candles...

our dear Nanny celebrated her 80th happy birthday this week....she is frail now, with papery delicate skin .... but with such capable hands, she knits, crotchets, sets her fire everynight, chops kindling, cooks for her neighbours when they are poorly, grows the most amazing hollyhocks, chillean guavas and french beans.... she is woman who has raised 4 children, rocked many grandchildren, and now has great grandchildren to sit on her knee; buried 2 loved husbands and trailed the rocky road of life. I admire her so. Happy 80th Birthday Nanny...we are so glad we could celebrate it with you.

a winter's picnic

We have enjoyed some lovely each time and Winter's picnic's this fun! And I reckon theres a recipe to it:

1. Keep things SIMPLE!

2. A cool as, long time used wicker basket that you find a pretty shells and some flowers to decorate it with.....and cool retro floral sheet/blanket to lay it all on.

3. Peanut butter sandwiches - cut with my new teapot cookie cutter!

4. Sweet jars filled with pantry treats....jars make thing pretty!

5. Sweet little hands to eat everything up...

6. One slightly mad dog to chase the seagulls away

Works wonders for the soul....I so love our beach! And am so glad that although my eldest rolls her eyes, she indulges this nutty Mama and eats the teapot sandwiches still ;-)

Melbourne in parts - part 3, a post dedicated to fishes!and chocolate..warning picture heavy!!

....we went and checked out the Aquarium in the city centre...very cool and similar to Kelly Tarltons over here.... the babies loved it especially of a few of the favourites...and then off for gelatos - ahhhh, YUM.
On my last night we all went out for dinner at a cool restuarant and then wandered off to find the best choclate place in the world (um, thats my opinion based on 1 other chocolate place I've been - teehee)...anyho defiantly had a 'charli and the chocolate factory' moment and totally wanted to dive into the churning vat of milky chocolate...sigh....a great way to end a wee holiday...

Melbourne in parts - part 2, a post dedicated to buildings...warning picture heavy!!

We spent a day in the city...which to a small town girl like me is pretty novel ... although I so wouldn't do a permanent swap; it was cool to hang out and see the trams, world renowned buildings and event centres...the architecture is inspiring, beautiful textures and details to be found everywhere and food galore...we spent some time in a catherdral being refurbished so we could admire the details and hours of labour gone into intricate painting and moasicing and carving. (check out the wee door - and mosaics tiles...I so wanted that door)...then off for sushi by the Yarra River on the Southbank which has stuning chalk portraits on the side walk...

Phew! to the Aquarium now....