Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter-part 2

On sunday we always have done a treaure hunt and chocolate eggs, I thought this year our 11 year old might wanna be incharge of it for the younger kids.....but no, she was so excited about it and sooo wanted to be part of it- funny thing....apparently the crazy clues, digging for treaure, twirling down the hill and singing Mum songs is still cool (all to get to the next clue! Totally can milk that one! "Tell Mum have wondeful she is in 6 different ways"- teehee)....anyho, I also made them each a wee basket of Easter things to do, crosswords, an Easter Poem, wee handstitched felt hearts with their initals on, to use as a book mark and remind them of Jesus's love for them and ours too...etc....these went down well, although I suspect it was the weeny eggs in the bottom that were the favourite bit! Kids after my own heart!! oh, and who can let Easter happen without making delicious Hot Cross Buns....but hey thery are good anytime of the year! Steaming hot outta the oven, smothered in butter and homemade jam....gonna make some more today!
NB: the wee fellas sooo didn't eat all that chocolate, its totally for show, and meant wee could have a wee nosh too!!

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