Saturday, September 12, 2009

making naan bread

we decided to givemaking Naan bread a go....and loved the process....I've made lots of different kinds of bread before but not Naan....and I had not 1, not 2 or 3 but 4 helpers that day....

I used the DG methodof proving the bread (in the microwave oven for 1 min on lowest setting then rest for 10 mins then repeat) - not my ideal way but great when on a time budget.

Heres the receipe:
2 tsp yeast
250mls milk
500g (4 cups) plain flour
1 tsp sugar
3tbsp plain yoghurt ( I used sour cream instead)
30g melted butter
1 1/2 tsp salt
*yeast onto 100mls of the milk...Leave for 5mins to bubble up
*flour and salt into a large bowl -mix.
*make a well in the flou and pour in yeast, sugar, butter, yoghurt.
*mix in the flour and stir in the remaining milk too (to make a sticky dough...not always need all milk).
*turn out on floured board/bench and give it a jolly good knead/pounding! around 10mins
*put towel in clean greased bowl and either 1) leave for 3- hours OR 2) if doing DG method, into the microwave on low for 1 10 mins and then another min on low-rest 10 mins...
*knock back and leave for 10 mins or so.
*divide into 4 even pieces, and on floured surface roll out to form a round-about 15 cm across...pull one side to form a tear shape, until about 25cmin length.
*Grill onto highest setting and preheat the baking sheet for 2 mins....then grill the dough in batches...around 2-3 mins per side.-until puffy and golden.
*stack and cover to remain soft.
Serve with a wonderful butter chicken, or whatever you feel like! YUM!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I love, love, love tulips and would've loved having them in my wedding boquect, but given that I'm rather a 'bull at a gate' type ....they really would've been bashed to death by the end of the chose red roses and singaporian orchids....just lovely.(and created by my Mum and aunty) can see the tips of them in this rather grainy scanned photo...teehee, just thought I'd share that random pic!

Anyho here are some pics of my homegrown stunningly beautiful tulips, that are right outside the door and in every shade imaginaeble...they make me WANT to do the washing, just so I can see odd laundry tip huh! Grow tulips!....oh and the wee bluebell was from my lovely friend...sweet lady- yes you know who you are!!

New Placemats

A few weeks ago I was fed up with the functional yet uninspiring placemats we use I set about creating an individual one for each family member and a couple spare too. Here the all are, using a mixture of gifted, thrifted and brought fabric....all pretty and functional! Now I have made these, am planning on making a 'for good' set...not sure if the indivdual approach is best or a matching set is in order...your thoughts?


To my Dad, whom is not too well - I love you and thank you for holding hands with me through my childhood, for mentoring me in adulthood...and for constantly praying for me and mine. I am thankful to you for many things, from showing me how to ride a bike, to your love for my children...bless you always. xx

To my children's Dad and my husband - you are an inspirtiaion to me, you encourage and challenge me- and are a rock to our family - I am thankful to walk thru life by your side...knowing that we are each others safety net and best friend. I love your passion for our children and the genreous way you grow them, protect them and encourage them to take safe risks and strive to meet their full potential as individuals...Your an awesome fella and we love you tonnes!

Some fathers day pics...we went to the lake where the model boats were out and about, and then there were trees to conquer!