Sunday, April 19, 2009

Farmers Market finds...

We went through to the Paeroa's Farmers MArket for the first time the other weekend....very teeny and to be honest all the good intentions of buying local organic produce gave way to the wee thrift tables and finds we made there...I mean money only goes so far and who could say no to mussel fritters (ew! by the amn likes em) and sauages sizzles, thrift stall, fresh bread and homemade pickles....must take more money next time! Anyways...heres a beautful blazer we found Nyah ...its pure NZ wool, beautifully cut and just looked a bit sad, but after a good soak, some new mismatched button, and a handcreated felt brooch...VIOLA it has a new life...and looks gorgeous on my goregeous girl! All for the grand total of ....drumroll....50cents (truly!)

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