Monday, March 30, 2009

Kids are our blessing

A March moment in time, just to remember them as now....

I want to celebrate their amazing indiviuality, and acknowlege how they each are a unique part of Team Frew in this life we have been gifted...

I am continually blown away by the diverse and fabulous kids we have.... of how they bring out the best and probably at times (not too many I hope!) the worst, the fearsome protectivesness they inspire in me, the choas they create, the laughter they bring to our home, the maternal nuture they create in me, the colourful strands of personality and delicious sense of humour each kid brings to weave into our home life, the blessing we have of helping these precious babies grow and develope, gathering their feathers and slowly strengthing their wings for their own flights into our world - to hopefully soar....

Josaye is 11 and is responsible, caring, kind, talented with the guitar, has a wicked sense of humour and finds the craziest things drop on the floor funny! She is trying to figure out who she is, I just love the glimpses of her deep and caring soul we have, she is competetative, passionate and sensitive, she wants to save the world from injustices. She is affectionate, and an awesome big sister

Nyah is 8 1/2 and is my sweet and spicy girl, she is very funny, kind, practical (in daisy type ways - and often floors me with the logic that makes sense and I didn't see it!), she is a take charge in her own way kinda gal, until someone comes along who wants to do it more, she is dramatic (stand on your bed and read poetry dramatic), compassionate and sympathetic. She is a fabulous sister.

Jose at just 3 is a golden boy, he is funny and has the best giggle, he is ticklish and sweet and snuggly (always picks the best daisys he can find for my hair, and finds me interesting rocks for our pockets), he is articulate and kind, and he loves our 10 oclock ritual of 'coffee', he loves people and company, and balls. He is a superhero kinda guy who loves helping. He is a wonderful brother.

Micah Jack has just turned 1, my tropical weather wee man, he is independant, loves doing his own thing wombling round outside, he has delicious strawberry curls and sparkly blue eyes, he is smoochy, loves working out how things work (will be a fix-it man- excellent!), determined and curious, he loves to explore and experiment and his wee mind is a busy machine, he adores his siblings and finds them hugely funny, he is a wee show-off. He is a fantastic wee brother.

We are blessed.

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