Tuesday, October 18, 2011

being 35...

 My lovely family threw a happy birthday teaparty for my 35th.....complete with ladies in dresses, beautiful food, and all my pretty teacups out...we greeted guests with a cold glass of Rose` and everyone seemed to enjoy the sunshine and flowers everywhere.  Judy Garland sang her sweet tunes for the occassion.  So very sweet of everyong to come.

a few thoughts on tunring the ripe old age of 35....
~ I love it.
~ I am learning so much about life...and am so very glad learning never ends.
~I am far more paitient than a younger me.
~I very much admire the women who have walked before me, and those that walk along side, and look to them as a life sisterhood.
~I am as capable as my self imposed limitations....and am learning to shuck those in areas that I wasn't confident before-this is indeed a work in progress.
~I have accepted that I will never be miss-twiggy, or even a normal size...but will still strive to be a healthier me....all the time.
~I am passionate about life balance, raising children to walk with the Lord, and to grow true to who they are meant to be.
~I am more in love with my husband than when we married - sounds a bit silly I know - but we have been sorely tested, and thankfully with much learning, it has brought us closer.
~I now have some experiences to back my ideas and theories, and am happy to admit when I have no idea what I'm talking about!
~I love the sense of being able to more and more remain true to who I am and not be swayed by what others think, and I so hope give others the room to be who they are too...
~All in all, I try hard to chose to focus on our blessings, and chose to find happiness and contentment in the here and now, and in the tiniest things; for they are the things that make our days sweet - are they not?....
~lastly, I am so very blessed to have another (small!) line added to my means I am able to claim another year with my babies....
is there anything you love about your age??


Penny said...

having just turned the same age I really appreciated your list! its a great list and I totally get how you feel :)

Widge said...

Happy 35th year! (or is that technically 36th ;)
beautiful teacups and that sponge looks gorgeous!!!
Love your list :)

Mrs D said...

I have just turned 40 and I love it. I've started thinking 'how do I want to live my life, really live it?' and have made some huge changes! It's all good xxx