Monday, October 10, 2011

right now....

 Right now...we have started birthday season at our place (Oct and March).

Grateful for: healthy, strong, characterful kids...

Thankful for:  another year given to both me and the Mr, another year spent growing and changing, and watching our babies flourish...this time I am indeed grateful for an extra line or 2, and count it a blessing.

Thrilled that:  our girls made the decision to be baptised, and we were able to celebrate that with lots of fanfare, and grateful hearts.  (also got them made a beautiful necklace each, which will share later).
Watching: these wee piggy's turn into rather large piggy's...and enjoying making sure they are cared for to the best of our collective ability (with huge thanks to our farmer friend for his knowledge, effort and time).

Contemplating: a lovely new stash of pretty fabric, and looking on the net for inspirational Christmas ideas...

Enjoying: listening to 2 small boys make huts upstairs, and the strumming of my big girls on guitars.

Reflecting on:  how much I adore our wee neices and nephews...they truly add colour and vibrancy to our world.

Excited that: its school holidays and that means we can have slower days, and longer nights...with treats sandwiched in between.

Thinking: that I really should clean the windows...but probably won't!
wishing you a wonderful day - whatever it may bring!

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Francesca said...

beautiful photo of your family, and words! enjoy the school holidays!