Monday, November 28, 2011

right now....

a storm rolled in a whipped up a giant pink cloud flying saucer

* doing: I am alternating with Mr Man in caring for our wee chicken pox covered boy, so the other can go on in to work, its a catchup game....

*watching: said small poxy boy involved in the most wonder filled game with his brother...I think they have played it for 5 days straight.

*listening to: Kimbra - she is fantabulous.

*thinking:  that I should spend some of the day planning our trip away where we will be camping up North - YAY.

*wondering: if I should do some if its an option with 4 kids!

*enjoying: icy cold pear cider in the early evening...thanks Mr Man!

*crotcheting: yet more coaster doilies, looking forward to having them off the hook on onto my coffee table.

*dreaming: of silky sands and warm breezes, and poxyfree boys.

*looking forward: to the end of term, just around the corner...

*slightly dreading: the end of term clean up and shifting of classrooms, and letting go of my little friends that I teach and help grow everyday.

 *am thankful for: time spent with just Mr Man and I to celebrate (a little eary) our 15 year wedding anniversary...yay us!

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Dee said...

was SO SO lovely to catch up with you and your precious family on Wednesday. as usual, it went too fast...XO