Sunday, December 18, 2011

may i bore you??

came 3rd overall in class and a mention in all curriculum areas! and throughout the year certificates in her sporting areas...

class award and 4!! school trophies for various amazingness + school dux, netball rep and top netball team.

this wee dude got the class award for literacy and numeracy, he should also be given one for spunk and ingenuity....!

they don't do kindy awards, but if they did he'd get one for consitently pushing his personal comfort zones, most imaginative and generally fabulous.

I know its not  nice to brag, but I am so seriously heart-swollen at these kids of ours, the effort they put in, the way they embrace life and give everything their best shot - their leadership skills, nuturing skills and kind hearts - such a proud Mama bear I am.  I am so very thankful for them - each one is a blessing beyond measure.


Dee said...

you should be so proud of them Briar...and of yourself - for they reflect you and Set.

so proud of you ALL!!


Renee said...

Well done to your kiddies and to you!! You should totally be proud!!
Enjoying your blog :)