Wednesday, November 2, 2011


large birthday cake knife - its a tradition to use it...ahem.

sweet sisters...didn't even squabble for the night!

small boy 2
small boy 1
our biggest gal has had a birthday - a very special birthday ...well now, aren't the all?  Menu request: NO VEGES....hmmmm, trouble with that order, but given the quantity of tomato sauce consumed and homemade potato wedges, maybe I could feel a little better??  So, large homemade meat pizzas, icecream sundaes with raspberry sauce, and a big slab of mud cake later...they were are asked to go for a run in the paddock!...who would've thought we would be here, at 14!!!

our babies....celebrating life!
this gal is sassy, fun, clever, caring, logical (think McCleod daughters logic), a bit crazy, loyal and is developing a wonderful strong sense of who she is...we are so proud to call you ours sugarplum. x

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