Sunday, August 8, 2010

a great idea

while checking out the net the other night I came across a picture of a sock icepack...and thought - 'what a great idea!'(can't remember where sorry)...little did I know that idea was about to come into practice IMMEDIATELY!

the biggest girl likes to play soccer and play it HARD, (think bulldozer) and came home Thursday with a suspected light concussion and shoulder injury....healed from that (according to dr) and played on Saturday...where she rolled her ankle lightly spraining it - seriously, I wish she would take up knitting! anyho, what you do is:

take small ziplock bag and fill it with ice....push the ziplock bag into a tube (or long) sock...then you can gentle loop it around the affected area and gently tie it on using the sock itself!....hey presto!...a sock icy pack!, soft, flexible and COLD - I suspect I will be using it again soon - and am building up my ice supplies ready for the weekend...hmmm

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