Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wardrobe wednesday

gulp....sigh...gulp...nervous snicker...yup doing it!

Now ladies before we giggle at the above pic I must impore you to be kind and hide it behind your hands....I thought I'd join in the Wardrobe Wednesday along with all the other players (well maybe just once, will see how brave I feel next week) hosted/started by Clare from GreenValley...its been fun checking out other people styles and there are some seriously gorgeus chicks out here in bloggy land - anyho as you can see I am no twiggy, or even sticky - hehe - rather like the giagantic redwood of this land (well the girth anyways!) goes:

cardi- glassons

jeans - wild child (a must for redwood builds)

ballet flats - op shop score WITh tags still on, there were silver so painted them black and they came out a gunmetal colour =LOVE.

Dress, made be me with MUCH crankiness at the shirring elastic!

belt - froma friends opshop adventure (too big for her - sigh)

crazy hair - mine.


clare :: greenvalleycrafts said...

cool! good on you for joining in! you made that dress?! So clever!!

Dee said...

(except you did what i did and covered your face with the flash!...sneaky yes, but you have the prettiest face of anyone i know. promise!!)

CHD said...

You look lovely. You are braver than me. I chickened out after almost finishing myblog entry for the W.W. Maybe next week. Cx

Stella said...

You look gorgeous! Wish I could just whip up my own awesome dresses! Also, I totally feel all chicken and might not do it again next week... You just feel all exposed up there don't you?

Heart Felt said...

Well done, you look lovely...I have so much stress in the mornings getting dressed, nice to have some inspiration. xx

Allana said...

Great comfy outfit! So cool that you made your own dress, its great! :)

Josh Healy said...

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