Monday, August 23, 2010

wardrobe wednesday take 2

This is my 'I've got playcentre, followed by brief home time followed by basketball, and get home at 5' ensemble...hehe - in other words it a 'mom' outfit...comfortable, warm and patterned for the paint splodges inevitably put on it, snot wiped and general grime - nice.

righto: cardi - Sara lable, true score as a girlfriend found it for me in the local oppy - its lambswool and I love the swing style to it. (it hides a few lumps YUS!)

singlet - totally my OLD feeding singlet ...but I like the length so keep wearing it.

jeans - opshop find and in my fav wildchild label (a.k.a redwood tree legs jeans)

brooch - found on FELT and I love it times a million!

casual sneakers - the warehouse...LOVE these and are super sad they are falling apart - but will wear them to the bitter end.

leave you link if you are playing so I can check YOU out ...have an AWESOME day. xx


Widge said...

yay!! go the jeans:)
I posted mine in jeans and then chickened out and deleted it. Actually really heart your cardi...

clare said...

Love your stripy top!! Thanks for playing along :)

Allana said...

You have a beautiful smile! Love the stripy cardi too, looks super cosy :)

Kristin said...

That does look like a cosy cardi. I need more clothes that conceal snot and general 2 year old grubbiness!
I've never thought of doing a tutorial but I might think about it because I have had ALOT of comments on this top (and not just today I mean.).

Stella said...

Love that cardi! I'm a little bit envious, I have to admit!

Anonymous said...

Look good as always Briar xx must catch up soon, so slack :0(

Francesca said...

Hello there! I'm also always super sad when favorite shoes (boots or sandals in my case) fall apart!