Saturday, August 21, 2010

a diggin we will go

I thought I might like to remember this in time gone thought I'd pop it here for now.

Micah Jack is 2 and a half...he is bright, beautiful, clever, flexible and affectionate...he is also stubborn, determined, and strong...he also has great stickability for gettin a job done...long after the 4 1/2 year olds have flitted off to another project, Micah is still at it till hes completed his goal....take this hole,
- the boys at playcentre decided to fill in the puddles at playcentre- so gumboots on, spade in hand, barrow at the ready, they started its a whole lot of earth to shift...and before long Jose and the others has deciced to go build stuff....not Micah Jack; he stuck at the digging, shifting, pouring, piling of dirt - until in his wee mind, the job was done - and done properly... this is so Micah even at 2 1/2....hes the kind of lad who will grow(I hope and pray), into the kind of guy that you will want by your side in tough times - knowing he will stick at whatever it is, until its done - and done well - son, grow strong and true; kids like you inspire others ....xxxx your mama.

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