Wednesday, August 18, 2010


look what arrived in the mail for me!! it was hearalded with Pip the pooches melodramatic protection of the gate as the courier attempeted to hand over the package - sigh...seriously need to do something about that!...anyho LOOK!
from the states came my vintage swap package (which is seriously way more generous that mine was, and postage is enormous from over there too! - eek!), and a wee treasure trove tumbled out...THANKS so much MUCH Nicola...I have the perfect use for the yarn already, have drank from the teacup, have plans for the books and love the yellow fabric/sheet...your awesome! Thanks so much xx


Dee said...

wowowowow! :)
i was totally hoping for/needing a package like that today...! (this rain...and these bugs...gah!)
that sure is a sweet score xo

Allana said...

What a sweet package! :)