Saturday, July 31, 2010

baby shower...

baby bumps - one with 1 and one with 2!!

Frith and I hosted a baby shower for our lovely friend Sarah ... twas so fun to do. We were pretty fortunate in that Frith is finishing renovating her house and they aren't moving in for a week or we got to hold it at her new place and be the very first offical guests! - cool hey!
so...made some more tissue pompoms, lit a million candles, the cosy fire, had throws and cushions scattered along with some cool chairs, a cupboard door and some paint cans did as a low coffee table...with a pretty cloth, no-one even knew!....some games were organised (the less cheesy kind - I hope!)...yummy food and hey presto we have a party!!
...we wish you all the very best miss Sarah, for the arrival of this sweet soul - so looking forward to snuggling this wee babe.


knightlight said...

looks lovely!

Arctic Mum: said...

Hi, thanks for visiting me. I would very much love to visit your part of the world too!

hanna said...

sounds like you guys had fun. Looks like a good spread you put on!