Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sewing up a storm

not sure what has hit me the last few weeks - mostly its been agreeing to co-hold a stall in the local market coming up - but my sewing machine is runinng hot and the quick-un-picker even hotter...
I find that I get far more achieved if I have a really lose idea before I begin a project and let the process shape it rather that become a slave, to the chased after perfection that patterns seem to make me become - so freeform sewing projects have been churned out and some of them are working out great and others not so great - they are put back in the pile for a good frowning session, to hopefully be turned into something else later.... here are some of them.
High waisted skirts for my big girls (so simple to make I wondered why I waited SO long)...wee hand appliqued bambis and bunnies on cushions, spring sweet skirts, and aprons...a blanket or 3, some boy pants and a small amount of cable knitted soft, soft scarves. (am teaching myself to cable knit so these might nOt make it to market yet)...its been fun, and although I can feel this urge dwindling a wee bit, its not the end fun!


Dee said...

you're amazing :)
they look adorable.
(oh, and the new header...sweet! hehe)

Christina said...

loving the bunnies and bambi! so sweet! my unpicker has been having a major workout too lately. hehe

Heart Felt said...

These are gorgeous, love the Bambi motif. Well done. xx

Francesca said...

I would love to co-hold a market stall!