Friday, May 7, 2010

me oh my -its MAy!

well that just crept up huh!, who would've thought it'd sneak in the door and leap up and shout BOO, after skulking round for bit!.....I'm working a bit this month and missing 'just being Mum'...but I keep saying ot myself that its just for a wee while and my big girls are at school - I work at my 2nd daughters school so see her lots, and my boys come for part of the day...but still!

We have been blessed to have a very lovely 17year old come and watch over my sweet lads the last 2 days, and I am so very happy she has....I tell ya, my boys are better 'played' with than when I'm at home....the side walk is a rainbow of colour from their drawings, the bikes are scattered from been ridin and they are bright eyed and pink cheeked from giggling....blessed!

Before starting this week just gone and the week to come, I had a mammoth sewing spat for the market - which I did dismally at, didn't even break even, but it was such fun to while away 3 hours sipping coffee, admiring others creations, bargin hunting and generally chatting....while The Man masterfully took kids to 2 netball games, a soccer game and 2 preschoolers in his stride - they even fit in a visit to me.....well done him! Game on again tomorrow - the lads with me at netball, and The Man at soccer......meeting back here for lunch.....roll on Nana naps in th arffternoon!!

anyways, some of my market sewing is in the FELT shop - and if it doesn't sell I know of 2 sweet babes who will arrive in this world soon, that will have matchi everything! Hehe.....

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