Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter begins with new life

Easter is a special time of giving thanks in our family....thanks for Jesus` giving His life for ours....I usually try and make it an 'EVENT', although the energy levels this year are a bit low! Simple is my friend this year!
This week the kids and I dyed some eggs for our table centre display, and I made a felt 'we give thanks' banner. ... we have some art on the table ready to be done, and some stories to be read, snuggled under a blanket to be had shortly.
We are off to a community Easter Egg hunt shortly...which is a new thing for us....tonight we are going to have a simple and heartfelt 'Shabbat' dinner with our sweet children, we are hosting a brunch and smallish children's Easter party tomorrow night; on Sunday we will do our traditional Egg hunt, and family Easter story telling night, and Monday will hopefully be spent sitting on the beach or in the bush, or in bed!(er last one is, NOT likely, but a wonderful thought!)... so a few things for us all to look forward to.
I encourage anyone who might read this, to read the Easter story - you are a treasured and dear jewel - enough to die for, enough to give hope to. Bless ya. x


hanna said...

Happy Easter to you and your dear family

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Frews!! xx