Tuesday, April 13, 2010

emergency team

tonight my 3rd baby had a spinning accident - he and his brother were goofing around in the kitchen - in the semi-dark, and he spun and fell into the corner of their wee table - putting his tooth almost thu his lip - not quite tho, thank the Lord.
I am amazed at the hundreds of thoughts that whizz thru your mind in a nano-second..and so thrilled that my family pull together and everyone finds their - 'emergency role'. Its terrifying seeing so. much. blood.
And I feel myself nearly overwhemled with panic, and then everyone looks at me - to me - expecting that I'll know what to do, and direct them. As a mum I'm screaming in my head 'My baby, my baby'- doesn't matter which kid it is....and then with everyone looking at me, it seems to steady me, I find my role as 'director of operations' and an eery calm settles - knowing that there will be tears - but they have to wait. The Man, 90% of the time, reaches the kids hurt first...his role seems to be scoop them up, cradle them close and put pressure on where-ever needed...talking soothingly the whole time. My role then comes in, with 'Josaye, a cold flannel', 'Nyah find me the ice'....Josaye comes back and then has to find arnica...etc etc...Micah, 'hop out of the way and rub your brothers leg', and as a Mum you find your hands are fluttering everywhere, adding more pressure, rubbing a small back, pouring medicine, getting the kid into a better position to see what exactly is broken, or where the blood is gushing from.....while talking soothingly and confidently (whilst quaking inside).... a doctor is phoned and consulted, pain relief administered and a sweet boy who is in so much pain, is still confident that he will be fixed and ok, his family are there with him, and he is safe.
I am so relieved that he will be fine in a few days, just swollen and blue and sore for a bit - its an accident that most kids have at some point, but that doesn't make you feel any better about poor 12 year old said' Mum its my fault I should've reached out and caught him' sweet, and how we all feel, but as I told her its just one of those things, and nobody's fault - well except the tables!....sometimes the safety net doesn't catch us, but we sure love watching this 'emergency team' spring in to action, squabbles forgotten, tea towels dangling from hands ....all to find our place for the 'man down'.... I love this bunch!


Helen said...

How lovely that all your kids pitched in to assist! I totally agree about panicking on the inside, but trying to stay in control on the outside! Hope your little guy is okay.

Dee said...

lovely post Briar...i adore your family :) xo

knightlight said...

you def got my heart going! i have lots of falls,bumps n bruses to come our way but hopefully none of that red stuff! poor fella!! xx

Francesca said...

What a scare! And what a great emergency team, he's right to feel safe when his family are by him!