Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter cookin`

we had a wee easter children's party at our place....and so I got to make some cool custard parfaits in pretty glasses with long handled spoons.....and I decided on making Easter chocolate nests, with weeny eggs...super easy, and a great baking project for kiddos.

Bird Nests
2 tblsp golden syrup
75 g melted butter
75 g sugar
75 g cocoa
80g shredded wheat (I actualy used crushed weetbix and this was fine)

melt the butter and golden syrup, add all the rest.....and mix! Now line 5 smallish bowls with tinfoil, and press the mixture evenly into them, building up a wee nest shape...into the fridge to set, and hey presto you're done! Pop some wee eggs in and you have a lovley wee treat/gift.


Francesca said...

I love dessert served in glasses. It's a total novelty for me, and it looks so pretty!

Heart Felt said...

You have been busy ~ lovely. xx