Tuesday, April 20, 2010

fridge talk

seriously don't like walking into a fresh smelling orderly home, with baking done and dinner on.....and I did, nearly everyday of my life until.... I left home - hmph. Now I am (and have been for a million years) that magic fairy - but one seriouly lacking in magic dust!....I spent a few days with my mum over the school open the fridge to find the milk, and you go 'huh? did she buy a new fridge?', its THAT clean! This is what the rest of her home feels and looks like too - I must confess a favourite wee game of mine is 'hide her duster' or 'untuck the corners of her bed'....she loves been wound up - and I'm so the chick for that job - teehee.

As kids (4 of us), our home was always tidy and clean, and yet I remember having a whale of a time playing and making mess, so she mustv'e had super powers is all I can think of!....Everything was ironed - undies and all! well maybe not undies, but I bet she thought about it!.... I just can't seem to do it the same, and get rather cross with myself about it - in saying that, I bet if I stopped bloggin about it and cleaned the jolly bathroom, it would be clean too!

So in comes the coversation I had with my fridge - I thought well 1 spot in the house can be like mum's, and maybe the rest will follow suit??? (good thought huh!)...

'so fridge, you're gonna get anew look'. "Huh! whas wrong with the way I look!" fridge snapped. "well I don't like to mention your odour or lack of cleanly charms, but a wee wipe out might make you feel good...hmmm, with a splash of lemon or vanilla if you want, hmmm?"...."rude person!" shouted the fridge back!...well you can just imagine the wrestling match that followed, door shelves taken off, and plunged in hot water....wire racks scrubbed with a brush (fridge was heard giggling at that!)....and the forcible removal of all suspicious looking characters and their funky friends....tossed. My fridge emerged from all this, gleaming and white...shaking off the excess water and staying very still for a wipe over with vanilla....'Well done fridge" I congratulated....Fridge preened and had to admit its makeover was rather charming.....

....hmmm, I might just have to repeat this ya know, one of these days - it makes the rest of the house look like a poor relation....sigh. I think I have started a nasty trend, but knowing me the good thing is, that it won't last too long!


Anonymous said...

Your craaazzzyyy!! No but seriously though, dos'nt it feel sooo good when you clean like that.
I might just trundle off and clean mine too!
So whats next on the list?

Francesca said...

I chuckled as I read this, but I know what you mean. My mom worked, raised 4 kids and her house was spotless and organized. She now tells me that it's just my memory of it, but I do know that I could always find milk in her fridge at all times:)

hanna said...

ha, yes I get like this every so often, and then it seems in no time the mess has all come back again!