Thursday, May 21, 2009

kindy boy

My 3rd bubby started kindy 3 weeks ago....for a whole 2-4 hours a week! Let me tell you this sent me into a spin! But I sucked it up and dutifully crammed his lunch bag full of goodies, and walked him up the hill for his very first day. I was amazed by him....not once did doubt flicker across his face, not once did he look worried or concerned, not once did he cling (and I'm ashamed to say I kinda woulda liked that!)....instead this brave lion-hearted boy of mine, strode in the gates, popped his bag on the hook, went and said 'hi I'm Jose' to the teacher and prompty jumped on the nearest scooter to do 'tricks'. His confidence in his accpetance of others, and them of him, his charm and his flirty wee grin, was for this Mama, amazing to see.

You know what, I felt like my heart would practically burst, with pride, a bit of sad, a sense of joy at watching this wee chick starting to change some of his fluff for feathers. He has now been the grand total of 4 times (in 3 weeks)...he is so exicted about his 'kindys!' when we arrived to pick him up, he patted the kindy play van seat beside him and when I sat down he threw his arms around my neck and said "Mum I missed you- now I'm gonna drive you to the zoo"...and he did; me and his new friend that he can't remember her name. Sweet golden boy, I'm hugely proud of you, and I pray you'll always want to take me to the zoo with you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you brought a wee tear to me eye, little sweet Jose, all grown up.

hanna said...

he he, look at that sweet and cheeky face. His such a little character this one.