Tuesday, May 19, 2009

mosaic doves

the man, for my happy birthday last year, very cleverly (not at all due to the LARGE, UNSUBTLE hints), got for me, a day with a local artist who has created the most amazing of gardens, all in mosaics....truly I can't tell you how cool it is, there are mosaic walls, doors, floors, tables, bird houses, garden oranments, bathrooms sets, gumboots, a 15 foot croc with huge jaws for kids to hop in, snails, ladybugs and sooooooo much more.....its an awesome place to take your kids for half a day....anyho getting to the point! She also holds 'A day with Jude' classes, and you guessed it - thats what the clever man got for me....I have only had the chance recently to go and spend time with her, learning about the way she creates her amazing artworks....and this is the one she kindly walked me hugely heavy (due to the tile and grout) and I don't know where we will put it, but its not a bad effort ( and mirror always makes things look flasher than they are!) now I;m on a mission; watch out all you rocks in the garden and anything standing will be mosaic'ed on!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the mosaic B.. Very clever wee lass arnt ye!! Would of been super fun to play around with.