Sunday, May 31, 2009

a morning at the beach down the road...

My 4 babies

We decided a couple of sundays ago to make the most of our beautiful Autumn weather and pop down to the beach after church....we went prepared! Hot thermos, coffee, milo and bickies....and it was fabulous...the kids had a wonderful time...I collected about a million shells as they were far to perfect to leave, and the man found the most teeny, perfectly formed one of all - clever him, and it know resides on my kitchen windowsill to remind me to find perfection in teeny moments and the harmony of all my kids been totally goregeous at once, rain setting in AFTER the washing is in....ya know that kinda thing...happy weekend to all

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hanna said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon. Haven't we been having the most glorious Autumn days - we've been getting out and enjoying some sun too.
ps - Hope you got your mad rush quilt finished - he he. Yes we've been talking about you.