Thursday, March 25, 2010

zinc etching

On a thursday night, myself and 2 girlfriends have been sneaking out of our houses (BEFORE the kids are in bed even!), to go buy lollies just for us!, and then go a learn how to zinc etch....its quite a fun process, and given the acid, schlacking,soft ground, hard ground, turps and meths in the room I always come away faintly light headed....I have to be honest, its been cool, we use the art room at the local high school and I find myslef wondering if I'm sitting on my biggest girls art stool - I've really enjoyed this uninterrupted time to draw and hum to with other mums and grandmas let out at night!....the grand finalle` with be printed this week after a few bummer prints...but here is a wee look thus far.
1st - you select your final drawing, then you softground/hardground your zinc plate after filing down the edges....then you use a sharp pointy object to scrath out your picture...into acid to etch the picute into the zinc plate, clean up your plate (like a million times with various stinky things), and viola` you are ready to print....its so fun!


Dee said...

sounds absolutely blissful Briar...*sigh*... :)
so pleased you've had the chance to do it, you deserve it. xo

Anonymous said...

Tis been a blast! I will be a little sad when our wee course ends, move onto the next one I'd say

Francesca said...

That sounds like so much fun! I would love to have a go at zinc etching! Will you be able to print on fabric?

BellaBree said...

hey Francesa! Not sure about fabric - I guess you could - it would be a painstaking process if you wanted repeated patterning tho....I will ask the tutor and get back to you - my peonie would be cute on a tote,be fun to do!

Chavah said...

Love this!!! I miss playing around with other mediums. Sounds like a really fun night.