Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jose turns 4! - the day in pictures

happy birthday cake! a very excited boy!

dawn bike ride kindy: cupcakes to share with our friends

It came and it conquered and it went...a whole year to practice being 4 and all that it is! AWESOME!...this special 4 year old had a terriffic day, was spoilt with wonderful wishes, and gifts, quiet playing time and a family bike ride/walk at twightlight, (oh and at dawn! as an excited birthday boy so wanted to try out his new bike - nothing like 6 pjama clad people walking the street...hehe)...

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Dee said...

Dear Jose, i saw your photos. i like your cake! i love you. yesterday we caught 2 snapper and the hook was caught in the the throat! that's all. bye! from Ty